In Canada, a Bid to Retain Top Talent From Abroad

by E Wayne Ross on August 22, 2008

Inside Higher Ed: In Canada, a Bid to Retain Top Talent From Abroad

In the increasingly intense competition for international students, American college officials often focus on the United Kingdom and Australia. Less noticed is Canada, nearby and to the north, which has instituted a series of recent changes to its immigration policies that could improve its ability to attract and retain foreign students.

Last week, the government announced a proposed new immigration category, the Canadian Experience Class, which would offer a new pathway through which foreign graduates of Canada’s universities could establish permanent residency without returning to their home nations. The announcement follows an expansion in April of the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, extending its duration from one year to three, allowing graduates to seek work outside their field of study, and removing the requirement that eligible students would need to have a job offer in hand.