Culture Jam Assignment


2.  This ad shows an enlarged and edited version of McDonald’s burgers with “big. beefy. bliss.” as a descriptor above it. It includes the Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder (with cheese) and the Angus Deluxe. The problem with this advertisement is that it depicts a version of these burgers that is not realistic and puts forward messages of what to expect from this burger. Using “big” indicates that the burger will be large when in fact most McDonald’s burgers are much smaller, disheveled and lacking compared to this version. “Beefy” intends to portray that these burgers will be a high level of quality. Although they are 100% beef, the ratio of burger to the rest of the ingredients is definitely low. Finally, using “bliss” is their description is signifying that eating this will make you happy or blissful. The reality is that the high amount of sugar and salt will increase your chances of weight gain and lead to a spike in energy for a small amount of time before a crash. This will also lead to you craving more burgers which could lead to bad health if consumed enough. This will definitely not lead to a blissful feeling or mindset. This advertisement also has the McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it” in the right bottom corner. I find this slogan to be a inaccurate representation of McDonald’s as a company. McDonald’s creates fast, unhealthy and inexpensive food that does not benefit society at all. It’s unhealthy composition of ingredients leads to obesity, high cholesterol and lack of nutrients if consumed at an unhealthy rate. This does not seem like a company worthy of a slogan that symbolizes loving a product.



My jammed version of this ad has changed McDonald’s slogan and the descriptions of the burgers that are involved with this advertisement. Instead of “big. beefy. bliss.”, I have changed it to “fatty. processed. fake.” This words were chosen because I believe they are a more truthful way to characterize both these specific burgers but also McDonald’s as a whole. “Fatty” was chosen for McDonald’s high level of salt, sugar and fats involved in their food. Due to their choices to use the cheapest options for their food that are possible, it leads to less quality and health incentives in their end product. “Processed” was chosen for the high levels of processed foods that go into their meals. This includes the processed cheese, factory formed burgers and nuggets, and potatoes that have been stripped of their natural sugar.  “Fake” is being used because of the lack of natural options that McDonald’s has. Almost every ingredient used in their meals has been modified to help them cut costs. From the frozen chicken nuggets, additives in their frying oils and hormones in the beef, the food from McDonald’s is hardly natural. I have also changed their slogan from “I’m lovin’ it” to “I’m getting heartburn” as a cheeky way to challenge their inaccurate slogan with a feeling that is probably more accurate after eating McDonald’s. In closing, I am aspiring to invoke a sense of honestly about what is involved in these burgers and this company. I hope that the company will one day either be more open with their ingredients, effect on health and less consumed by their need to simply sell as much as possible. They need to be held accountable for they lack of integrity for their impact on society.