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With Facebook and social media being the topic around talks nowadays, it is common to see the booming of entrepreneurship around social media market., a site that provides fast and hard information about the social market is a new site that should not be missed.

Founded in 2005 by current CEO of Mashable, Pete Cashmore, the website is growing in popularity among advent social media users. Pete was even listed as one of the top 10o people in the world by Times magazine.

Such a form of business can be classified as a form of entrepreneurship. With the social media market being a new form of market, this site can be classified as a new product that is derived from the new market. This essentially touches on innovation and product differentiation, making Mashable an one of a kind business that dominates the market demand for such services.

This form of entrepreneurship is bound to develop in following years to come, when the social media market stabilizes.


A video showing what is and its users.

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November 10th, 2011 at 5:47 pm

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