BALA 503 – Commercial Law – P2 – Space Still Available

If you haven’t considered taking BALA 503 Commercial Law prior to this, read on for a number of good reasons to add it to your P2 schedule….

Business and Law, today are inextricably linked. It is unrealistic to think that a person can do business without knowledge of law (and vice versa!).  In BALA 503 MBA students will be equipped with an introduction to the legal environment in which business operates.  By the end of the course students will recognize many of the legal issues they WILL encounter in business, develop strategies to avoid legal problems, think critically about legal issues, and develop an understanding of the legal principles used by the courts to resolve legal issues. In the process, students will learn legal vocabulary that is essential in communicating effectively with in-house or external legal counsel.

Reading assignments and discussion questions have been selected specifically to introduce students to principles of law that illustrate the interplay between the legal system and the business environment. Students are required to read specific judgments because not only do they illustrate the method of application of law, but, in our Common Law system, also serve as a source of legal principles.  Cases will be introduced in class for discussion to illustrate the practical application of these principles to realistic business situations.  This course will enhance reasoning skills and power of analysis, something that all employers find to be very valuable.

In the first part of the course students will become prudent contract negotiators; students will be given the legal tools to know when a  contract is binding. We will examine specific terms in business contracts and how they operate. The other essential aspect of the course is that MBA students will become aware of the legal duties they owe to their clients. Students will learn that they must not be negligent in the performance of their duties and they may owe fiduciary duties to their clients involving moral and ethical obligations.  These are the two biggest law suits against professionals in North America and the largest number of claims made against professional liability insurance funds. It is unwise to enter into the business world without a clear idea of what these duties entail.

This course will allow you to take a further law course, BALA 580A which focuses on Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Franchises and provides the foundation for learning any other area of law.

Course Outline

BALA 503 Commercial Law will be held in Period 2: 27 February – 7 April 2012 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00am.

Interested students can register for BALA 503 via SSC.


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