Web Folio Reflection

After submitting the final assignment, the Formal Report Draft, one last task was left- creating the Web Folio.

This is the first time I have heard or learned in-depth about what a web folio is. Not quite a professional networking profile such as LinkedIn however also not a casual blog but a customized site for a particular purpose or audience. This was quite exciting however starting was difficult. There were many options to decide on from the beginning. I chose to create a site that would hopefully include specifics but also be general enough for a multitude of purposes such as future academic endeavours or career aspirations.

During the process of creating the web folio, I returned to older posts and assignments. To be honest, looking through the course schedule, more detailed unit schedules and assignments, made me a little nostalgic even though it was not too long ago. I really enjoyed the process of taking all the work done throughout the course and reading them again because doing so showed the ways in which new information and skills have been developed which can now be applied. Older assignments required much more editing than newer ones. After, organizing the projects into categories and writing introductions or brief explanations for them reinforced the teachings of the course. This part was also a bit challenging because there were many ways to template the web folio. After some consideration, I deleted some pages and added more posts wanting to create an easier site to navigate.

I hope the web folio reflects some of the professional writing skills learned from the course and shows professional and academic aspirations and ventures as well as the personal side.

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