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This page contains some of the works created in ENGL 301 Technical Writing. The order of the submissions are from oldest to most recent.

Revised Definition Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment was to learn how to write a parenthetical definition, a sentence definition, and an expanded definition on a chosen work preferably from one’s own area of study. This allowed us to begin the process of learning and applying formal writing. The term I chose was the literary definition of “catharsis.”


Revised Peer Review of the Definition Assignment:

One of the first peer review assignments required us to take a look at our partner’s definition. It was particularly interesting learning about a complex term in a different field of study and profession. Through this, the first steps in how to write effective peer reviews began.


Revised Formal Report Proposal 

The formal report proposal assignment was designed to help us learn the ways in which larger documents are written, concisely and professionally. There was much brainstorming involved to begin the formal report writing process. For example, researching ideas, communities, organizations to creating questions for possible avenues of more exploration. For this assignment, I chose to study the ways to increase information and support surrounding homelessness in communities.


Revised Progress Report of Formal Report & Revised Survey Questions

The progress report for our formal report was a helpful experience in learning another step in executing long term projects. The progress report assignment showed how to effectively deliver only the necessary information in a professional manner such as finished areas (survey questions).



Revised Complaint Letter and Response Letter

Writing the two letters highlighted the importance of language in different settings. In this particular case, varying between the person writing a complaint letter and the person responding was eye opening in how one can effectively apply professional language in a persuasive and cooperative way. The checklist for Business Correspondence was especially helpful and listed the required technical parts the letters needed.

301CynthiaLiRevisedComplaintLetter&Response Letter

Revised Peer Review of Formal Report

The formal report was a big project for the course. I wanted to make sure I could provide the most thorough peer review as possible. The peer review required attention to detail as well as looking at the bigger picture for cohesiveness and flow.¬† This also highlighted the importance of doing the same for one’s own work and also how to.


Revised Peer Review of Application Package

Peer reviews throughout the course have been very practical in learning how to utilize formal language. The application package assignment required a bit more customization compared to other assignments. The peer review was done in parts looking at the job advertisement, cover letter, resume and reference request letters while connecting them for correlation as well.


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