Keeping in mind all the efforts people have made in order to protect and restore the earth, do you think that the global ecological revolution Carolyn Merchant advocates is already taking place? How do you see the role of e-learning in this revolution?

I like what the EU is doing and I think this is the only way some producers will ever be responsible for recycling their e-waste. The EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) started in 2003.

It made we wonder what type of law we have here in Canada for e-waste. After a quick search, I saw that Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have e-waste stewardship programs but they differ immensely. For example, Alberta imposes a fee on the consumer which goes into a fund for recycling e-waste. Some provinces say manufacturers are responsible for their own collection while others pay a fee to have it collected for them.

Considering Ontario just got on board with this type of program in 2009, it seems like more and more provinces are recognizing the need for such programs.

Looking at these Canadian laws for e-waste, I’d say that the environmental revolution has just begun. However, I know Nova Scotia has been considered a leader in recycling since 1995.

The revolution started long ago for many individuals (David Suzuki!) and organizations. Yet for many others, it has just begun.

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What are some ways to encourage reluctant teachers to use educational technology in their classrooms, and not view it as an invasive species? (Keep in mind the “Implications for Policy and Practice” section of Zhao and Frank’s paper, use the ecological metaphor, or draw from personal experience.)

I think it’s important for teachers who are comfortable using technology to model how to use it. These teachers could choose to use prezi, for example, to present something at a staff meeting, share a class video at a school assembly, embed podcasts on their website etc.

There is a teacher at our elementary school who is well known for being passionate about science. She runs an environmental club, hosts live dissections in the gym, asks her students to collect the recycling from every class, started a garden etc. Her enthusiasm is addictive. She gets other people excited about science. What’s that saying…”Be the change you want to see”?

Every three years teachers have to work on a professional growth plan (PGP) on the topic of their choice. This would be a great opportunity to do something tech. related for those teachers who never have time to look at it on their own.

Merchant suggests a ‘partnership ethic’ as a way of men and women working together – equally – to harmonize the relationship between people and the environment. What are some of examples of how this could work? What is the role of educators in this new partnership?

Initially, I thought of a community garden but then I realized that isn’t a good example because that would be controlling the land which is contrary to what Merchant is saying.

An equal partnership with nature would mean we help each other live more sustainably.

To promote this partnership teachers could take their students on a field trip to clean-up a river, park or any other area that has been preserved in its original state. We would be giving to that place by helping to keep it in its pure form. We would be receiving a wide range of things from oxygen to inspiration from its beauty.

Teacher could also educate students about where their food comes from, discussing their role as consumers. For example, they could compare and contrast the environmental impact of buying food locally vs. imported food.

After some discussion I realized the community garden would be an equal partnership. I originally hought Merchant was implying a partnership between people and nature in its original form, not reworked by people. A garden is definitely mutually beneficial.

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