1. Topic–Understanding the role of schools in protecting students from cyberbullying in the digital age.

2. Theme and argument

a. Argument -The school is responsible for protecting a student from cyberbullying that happens off school property. This redefines the authority the school has over a child.

b. Background – Cyberbullying has become increasingly frequent in the past ten years as youth become more connected to multimedia. Psychologically, cyberbullying can be more hurtful than traditional bullying because of it’s anonymity, relentless invasion into victims’ homes and its public nature. Schools are just beginning to understand they need to intervene and help prevent cyberbullying from happening between their students no matter where it occurs.

3. Primary and Secondary Sources:

a. Issues to be addressed:

  • Definition and frequency of cyberbullying
  • Differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying
  • Establishing school policy including intervention and prevention strategies
  • Legal implications for cyberbullying

b. Literature to be consulted includes:

  • Primary Sources – Brown, K., Jackson, M., and Cassidy, W. (2006), Canadian Teacher’s Federation (2010), Shariff, S., and Hoff, D. (2007), and Willard, N. (2007).
  • Secondary Sources – Kowalski, R. M., and Limber, S. P. (2007), Bhat, S., (2008), Smith, P. K., Mahdavi, J., Carvalho, M., Fisher, S., Russell, S., and Tippett, N. (2008), Li, Q. (2005), Beale, A., and Hall, K., (2007), Beran and Li, Q. 2005, Jackson, M., Cassidy, W., and Brown, K. (2009).

4. Conclusions

  • Schools need to develop a policy on cyberbullying that includes: how and when to intervene; prevention strategies, as well as education programs for parents, school personnel, and students. Schools need to know the legalities surround student rights and their own obligation to act to protect students.

5. Structure of the paper

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Definition of cyberbullying and the impact on the child
  • Prevalence of Cyberbullying
  • Differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying
  • The school’s role in cyberbullying
  • Legal implications for cyberbullying
  • Conclusion

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