Vancouver Inspiration Pass – Two Weeks of Free Family Fun

Did you know that the Vancouver Public Library has a program that offers free access to popular Vancouver museums and attractions for you and your family for a two-week period?

It is called the Vancouver Inspiration Pass and is designed to make it possible for all Vancouver families to explore the city. With the pass, you get free access to several attractions, museums, heritage sites, and fitness facilities. Why not bring the kids to H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Science World, the Vancouver Art Gallery, or for a concert at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra? Check out the full list of available options here.

The downside of the pass is of course that it is only valid for a two-week period. But for those two weeks, you can go to as many of the listed museums and attractions as you can possibly fit into your schedule! So make sure to book a pass for a period where you are not swamped with school work. Another idea is to ally yourself with other student parents and request passes for different periods, so you can take each other’s children to events. Then the fun lasts longer!

One pass gives free access for two adults and up to four children. The pass holder must be a Vancouver resident aged 14 years or older and hold a Vancouver Public Library Card, but there are no similar restrictions on the people you bring with you.

The pass is very popular, so make sure to apply early! You can apply online or at any VPL library branch. For more information, contact the Vancouver Public Library at 604-331-3603 or

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