There are so many varied web resources for (geospatial) data visualization. It is a HUGE field. The following represents some of the resources available from software to academic articles to cool interesting mapping web sites. This list is obviously not exhaustive and changes so rapidly. I have updated this list as of September 2017. A huge thank-you to Joey Lee for providing much of this input (see below for his cool and inspiring resources). Here is one of Joey’s local visualizations using software CARTO that you will learn this term.

Cartographic Research (journals)

organ state web site list all cartography journals and latest issues


Quantum GIS – FOSS (free & open source software)
ArcGIS UBC Student Edition – $25 for a year

Adobe Illustrator – free 30 day trial version
Inkscape – FOSS graphic design
GIMP – FOSS photo editor like Photoshop

Interactive mapping
CARTO – SAAS (and perhaps too freemium) (SAAS – software as a service – ie free but charge for hosting, big datasets) interactive mapping software this site also has a good blog for examples of location mapping
Mapbox SAAS interactive mapping software

Python – very popular language and used by data visuzliazationist for manipulating geospatial data – many learning tools, free tutorials on ESRI’s web site for example, python used in ArcGIS
R and R Studio – FOSS see some examples below from Joey, R is a statistical programming language and R with leaflet allows the creation of interactive maps (R for data manipulation and leaflet for mapping)
Leaflet a javascript library lets you code interactive maps with say R
JavaScript – programming language for web design – used with other mapping packages like leaflet, D3
D3.js– a JavaScript library for manipulation DataDrivenDocuments. used for alot of infographics


TypeBrewer (being rewritten from FLASH to HTML)
MapShaper (software for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and other data formats, written in JavaScript.

Cartography and Data Visualization Blogs/posts

Instagram – A map a day
Andy Woodruff
Strange Maps
Something About Maps
Flowing Data
Information is Beautiful
Cartogrammar (also by Andy Woodruff)
Making Maps
ype into google cool maps and you will get some interesting sites

Cartography Associations

North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS)
International Cartographic Association (ICA)
American Association of Geographers – Cartography Specialty Group

Joey’s list !!

Joey Lee is a super cool data viz person who helped me with this course in 2015. Check him out.


Tutorials / Learning

General Programming Web Resources / Books / More:



TileMill / Mapbox Studio:



Map Helpers:

Data Viz – Good Practices:

Data Sources / Data Visualization Challenges / Data Ideas

Data Viz Course Materials from Other (awesome) places


Talks, Podcasts, Videos, Links, & More:

People & Places (in no particular order)

Nice Visualizations:


Meetups/Groups in Vancouver: