Instructor: Sally Hermansen (
Office: Room 144, Geography Building
Office Hours: Tues. after class or by appointment

Lecture Time: Tuesday 2-5
Lecture Location: Geography building room 229

Lab Time: there are no scheduled lab times, students work independently
Lab Location: Room 115 and room 239 are available for student use when they are free. Schedules are printed outside lab rooms.
Lab Fee: A $20 lab fee is collected at the beginning of of term (photocopying, computer lab maintenance). Printing is extra, you pay as needed: 10 cents for black and white, 40 cents for colour. The lab fee is optional in that if you do the assignments with open source software, or have the student copy of ArcGIS loaded on your laptop, you will not need to pay the lab fee.

Textbook: Alberto Cairo, the functional art (optional, can order on-line).There are also 2 copies of this book in the GIC.


Final Project
45% (A1 Map Critique: 7.5%; A2: Infographic 20%; A3: CARTO 10%; A4: 7.5%)
5% (class attendance and in class discussions and presentations)
45% (presentation, technical project, theoretical essay)
5% Portfolio

Late Policy: A penalty of 1 % per day will be deducted for late assignments; weekends count as one day. So if the assignment is out of 20%, and you received 16/20 but were 4 days late handing it in, your mark will be 12/20. If you are unable to complete an assignment in time, and feel you have a reasonable excuse, you must contact your instructor before the assignment is due to discuss and extension.

Also – if you are late handing in an assignment for which there is a class discussion the day it is due, you are unable to attend the first hour of class when the assignment is being discussed.