Javascript and D3.js


I don’t have any tutorials for D3.js. If you are considering BCIT for the Advanced Diploma, taking an on-line course in javascript before you start the program would be beneficial.


Processing Tutorial – Abridged

Learn how to recreate one of El Lissitzsky, 1924/25 with P{rocessing (design shapes, markers, outlines, fills, etc). This is fun!


R and leaflet

(Joey Lee, 2015; modified by Andras, 2016 – this tutorial has not been updated since 2016, but will give an idea of using a programming language to manipulate data and produce and interactive map.

R Tutorial

Introduction to R

R – Vancouver 311 Tutorial

Introduction to using R and Leaflet to create an interactive map of the City of Vancouver 311 Calls: complaint data.

This tutorial takes you through Ben Fry’s data visualization pipeline: acquire the data from the City’s open data site, parse and filter the data, mine the data into groupings and classes, represent the data with base maps through leaflet, create interactive map of the classes of data with popups.