Google MyMaps


This assignment is part of the interactive mapping assignment and is worth 10 of the 30 marks for the assignment.

Overview of Google My Maps

Google ‘push pin’ type custom maps are very basic, with limited cartographic design options however, these maps are very easy to create, and users are familiar with the map user interface, and the look and feel of these maps. using the maps.

The City of Vancouver has created some custom google maps with their open data.

Although it is easy to upload may layers of geocoded data to MyMaps, there are restrictions on file size – 5MB. So for example, if we wanted to convert Crime data to a KML flie to upload, we would be unable to upload them to mymaps due to the size constraints. (all files are greater then 5MB).

ESRI also support story maps, and these are used alot in teaching, especially introductory courses, or history courses to novice GIS user.

Scenario for Assignment

You will use Google My Maps to create a story map of locations on UBC Campus that have been meaningful to you in your undergraduate years, in other words, locations that you would like to keep in your memory with photos and some text describing the locations and their importance to you. You can also think of this custom map as a resource that you would give to visitors to your graduation ceremony.


For this assignment, watch this Youtube video, and incorporate the types of symbols (point, area polygons) and text and images etc that are demonstrated in the video:

Deliverables for Assignment

a) Google MyMaps Story Map of Places of Interest at UBC

You must have:

  • a minimum of 10 points of interest with photos
  • one custom drawn polygon or area of interest
  • one set of directions
  • utilize my maps options for symbol colours, naming of layers, etc.

You will post your custom map to your blog site. There are options for doing this that are discussed in the video.

b) Write a brief summary of the steps you took for your assignment, which you will post below your map on your blog site.