Are we all under Freud masks?

I would actually like to discuss the points brought up in the lecture for my blog post.

I thought the idea of “We are all Freudians now” really stuck out to me. I had never really thought about freud having that much of an effect on my life, because I thought he was absolutely ridiculous. I still think he is, but this lecture actually got me thinking about him (WHICH is weird according to freud because i should only be thinking about aggression, death and sex I guess……hahahah ). The whole idea about talking about something to get it off your mind just came as a natural solution to me and I actually forgot that is was related to freud, or that he was the reason people do that. So I guess I do agree that we are all freudians now. We put on the mask of freud and pretty much do what he said we would do. ¬†What I even further enjoyed was talking about the different types of Freud. I think it made me hate him less hahaha. We may put on a mask of him to go see what he was like and go back to the roots of freud. Or maybe we do that to see how we can use him against himself. I just think it is very interesting to thin of him in many different ways.

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