Here at Agora Café, we place great value on being able to provide healthy, affordable vegetarian food to our community: customers, volunteers, students, staff, the LFS faculty, and all of UBC. We want to be able to share and promote our goals of food security and sustainability with those that pass through Agora. We invest in products that help us align with these goals, like purchasing many local, organic products and using reusable or compostable food containers. Plus, you can get a meal for under $5 – a nice respite from the dining hall meals (we’re all students, we know the struggle!)

But did you know that Agora is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit? If it weren’t for our wonderful volunteers, you wouldn’t be able to get a famous Agora granola bar for $1.25. And it’s not just volunteers. We also rely on generous donations from students, faculty, and alumni to allow us to continue providing excellent food and important volunteer and leadership experience.

If you like what Agora does and want to help us continue our mission of providing healthy, affordable food for students, please consider making a donation.


Due to the new policy and recommendations from the province of BC on how food service providers should move forward to maintain customer and employee safety, we will be investing in new equipment, such as plexiglass protectors and more hand sanitizer stations. We understand that some may be experiencing financial barriers during this time, but if you are in a position to donate, we would greatly appreciate your support in helping us keep our valued customers and employees safe.


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