Executive Members

Get to know the hard-working committee members who devote their time to maintaining Agora!

The Agora Executives consist of the:

    • General Manager
    • Secretary and Human Resource Manager
    • Food Safety Manager/COVID-19 Safety Officer
    • Prep Shift Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Catering Manager
    • Web, Tech and Communications Manager


In addition to the Agora Executive Committee members, Agora Café is fortunate and grateful to have the Advisory Committee, LFS Learning Centre, UBC Farm, LFS Orchard Garden be a part of its development and ongoing help.

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  1. Hi Cody:

    I volunteer at Food Hub and hence got to know the existence of Agora cafe. Have you consider asking Vancouver Food Runners to bring food to your cafe? Please check out the website included below; they deliver food from grocery stores etc. to organizations that can use the food items that would otherwise go to the landfill.

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