Our Team

Current members of the Agronomy Garden Steering Committee

Gavin Pattman – Design and Development Co-Lead

Gavin is a 4th year student in the Environmental Design program. Gavin was walking home from work during a quiet summer month when he stumbled upon some awesome individuals building a nice little garden. Today he is a part of the team, working towards expanding the garden into an even better space for some friendly food-growing.

Ryan Bednar – Design and Development Co-Lead

Ryan is a 4th year student in the Environmental Design program. Having learned about the garden from Gavin, he jumped at the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests (yet a variety of backgrounds), to be able to garden on campus, and be a part of a ‘growing’ community project.

Carmen Wong – Garden Manager

Carmen is a 3rd year student in the Global Resource Systems Program. Carmen got involved in the Spring of 2018 and coordinates the planting and cultivation of all of our plant friends who live at the Agronomy Garden.

Nicole Thompson – Event Coordinator

Nicole is a 4th year Environmental Design student. She is awesome.

There are many other dedicated students and community members from a diversity of academic and social backgrounds who are casually involved in our community. Join us at the Agronomy Garden space at any of our meetups that are advertised on our Facebook page and on our sign.