Research Projects

For my CRC program, I am currently working collaboratively on a number of new research initiatives, including:

  • the development of a CIHR proposal with the provisional title “Healthy Aging and Eldership in Times of Unprecedented Challenges: Post-Covid Indigenous Teachings for Decolonizing Health and Wellbeing”. Collaborators: Vanessa Andreotti (UBC), Sharon Stein(UBC), Jocelyn Yerxa (Aginf Lab, Government of Nova Scotia, Steeven  Pedneaut (Présâges, Quebec) and elders from 20 Indigenous communities in Canada/Turtle Island and Latin America.
  • a SSHRC Engage proposal for a project with Indigenous communities in Canada and Latin America around “The ethics of engagement with Indigenous medicines and health practices, including land-based teachings and ceremonies”. Collaborators: Ninawa Huni Kui (Brazil), Maria Jara Qquerar (Peru), Keith Chiefmoon (Canada/Turtle Island), John Crier (Canada/Turtle Island).
  • a SSHRC Insight Development proposal with Dr. Sharon Stein and Dr. Will Valley related to “Decolonization of STEM and Health professions”
  • a SSHRC Connections grant with Dr. Will Valley and Dr. Sharon Stein titled “Food security post-Covid-19 for Indigenous communities in Brazil”.
  • the development of a literature review and set of health and wellbeing land-based embodied exercises with  Dr. Vanessa Andreotti and the Centre for Systemic Community Therapy in Brazil with the title “Neuro-decolonization: beyond mindfullness, towards sensefullness”