Hello class,

I will give a brief introduction to myself. I am a transfer student entering my first year at UBC. I was majoring in creative writing at my other university and I hope to be admitted into the same major at UBC come next year.

I am a first generation Canadian, born in Calgary to an Argentine mother and to a Mexican father. I have lived in both of my parents country and do not favour one more than the other, unless we are talking about the domestic fĂștbol league, which in that case I would chose Argentina’s. My favorite soccer team, Argentinos Juniors, in based in Buenos Aires and has a rich history from winning La Copa Libertadores in 1985 and producing the greatest soccer player known to the public eye: Diego Armando Maradona, aka DIOS. Fun fact, I have a tattoo of Argentinos Juniors emblem.

I have taken this course because I believe that being a Canadian is a privilege and with privilege comes a certain responsibility to become educated in your family’s past, so the ripe Canadian identity can be discovered and nurtured through ancestral storytelling, progressive identification, and collective service. Since my heritage is begot by a mostly Latino narrative, this course seems ideal to study.

Thank you for reading.


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