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Oh Koerner’s…

It appears that Koerner’s Pub has gotten themselves into trouble.. again. This time it’s less of a “what do you mean they are underage and loaded?”, and more of a “where did that $200 000 go?” Employees found out via a note (I like to think it was sticky):

The problem is that they’re losing money (le gasp). Last year Koerner’s lost approximately $150 000, which is about three times the average family income, or the student fees of around 2775 students. If they close to figure out a new game-plan, they won’t give a re-opening date so they don’t end up “between a rock and a hard place” with an angry mob of students everywhere else.

It’s not uncommon to hear students ponder on where this pub is. I certainly had no idea until this year. Perhaps increasing advertising & signage would help? The average person has difficulty drinking if they don’t know where the watering hole is.

The GSS will be voting on whether or not to close Koerner’s indefinitely TODAY (Thursday, May 19) at 5:00 pm (Grad Student Building – Ballroom). If you have a say in this matter, or just feel like watching some drama go down (unicorn popcorn anyone?) be sure to find your way to this mysterious location. (Sorry dear readers, an odd combination of Paris and math delayed this post)

There has been an outcry from some grad students, check out the facebook group here  . Apparently they LIKE drinking (whoda thunk it).

My solution to the problem: Drinking lessons for artsies! We already know the beautiful engineering crowd can down approximately 40 beers or so, but getting engineers into a social setting is unrealistic at best. Therefore, if the pub gains some unicorn luck and either stays open or re-opens eventually, make sure to get your drinking boots on and keep a campus pub afloat! Remember, a beer or two never hurt anyone, especially if you need a little courage before tackling that massive paper or enormous assignment.

The result of this vote should spread like the forest fires in Alberta. Let’s hope the news is a lot less depressing.

There goes my first post! I look forward to keeping you loyal masses informed over the next year and more! If you don’t like it, either give constructive criticism or risk getting pteradactyl’d at. ERTW forever.