Blackberry’s Next Stop?

It’s hard to believe how sales of the market leader started off as a professional smartphone known publicly worldwide reached its peak of 14.5 million smartphones sold, and then dropped 74% within 3 years to sales of 3.7 million smartphones. It was the biggest quarterly loss that the company have ever faced.

Competing in an extremely fast moving market with constant new launches from both Apple and Android companies, it was not surprising how Apple was able to sell nine million products within a weekend, while BlackBerry is hoping to sell at least one million of their new product: the Z10. The great difference between the two companies brings attention to one question: How long will BlackBerry really last? They recently lost $965 million US, where $934 million came from the unsold BlackBerry smartphone inventory. Revenue took a downfall of 45% from $2.9 billion to $1.6 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2013. With all the negativity around BlackBerry, their release of the new Z30 barely made an impact in the market.  Who knows where BlackBerry is heading next.




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