Temporary Modular Housing on Vacant Land

The City of Vancouver has made vacant land available for the construction of modular housing for the immediate support of lower income and homeless residents in Vancouver.

The Province has committed $66 million to build 600 units of temporary modular housing on vacant City of Vancouver-owned land.

Temporary modular housing has offers many benefits to its residents and the community. It provides a home to someone in need in record time (less than 6 months to build and install!), creates a sense of community and belonging for those who could not find their place, reduces waste during manufacturing and installation and can be transported to new locations once the current vacant site is no longer available. The temporary housing is available for 3 to 5 years. 

The City of Vancouver’s current housing sites include:

  1. 7430 and 74
  2. 50 Heather Street (78 tenants)
  3. 1131 Franklin Street (39 tenants)
  4. 525 Powell Street (39 tenants)
  5. 4480 Kaslo Street (52 tenants)
  6. 2132 Ash Street (in construction)
  7. Little Mountain 137 E 37th Avenue (in construction)
  8. 610 and 620 Cambie Street (approved for construction)
  9. 5077 and 5095 Heather Street (approved for construction)
  10. 215 West 1st Avenue (proposed for construction)
  11. Union Street and Gore Avenue (898 Main Street) (proposed for construction

Click here to watch a video of the temporary modular housing construction!

For more information visit: https://vancouver.ca/people-programs/temporary-modular-housing.aspx

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