2015-6: “Documenting Punjabi Canada” (ASIA 475)

Students in ASIA 475, “Documenting Punjabi Canada” (W2015, Term 1) developed oral history projects based on interviews with members of the community. Out of 15 students, one project took the form of a traditional academic paper; another was a textual and visual creative work, combining personal narrative, poetry, and visual collage (this latter project is given below). The remainder consisted of a series of digital video or audio projects. Below are the final projects, excluding those that due to privacy concerns on the part of participants cannot be made public.

Exploring Punjabi Lives: Canada’s Multiculturalism Policy

By Navneet Aujla

Interview with Moe Sihota, Indo-Canadian politician, by Hareen Bhandal


Challenges in the Intergenerational Transmission of Sikhism

Emmett Chan


by Kathryn Sloan Geddes

Voice of the Mute

By Sukhwinder Gill

In Daddy’s Shoes: A First Person Narrative of the Immigration Experiences of Gurchet Singh Kandola

By Manisha Kandola

Our Family’s Story of Immigration and Travel

By Gurnoor and Kunvarjeet Kang

South Asians Helping South Asians

Harleen Randhawa