Social Entrepreneurship: The George Foundation

The George Foundation (TGF) demonstrates social entrepreneurship as it is comprised of the following three components. It consists of social entrepreneur, Dr. Abraham M. George, who established a social purpose venture, the George Foundation. The George Foundation was launched in Bangalore, India during a meeting. After staying in the United States for over 20 years, Dr. Abraham M. George returned India for the first time since his absence with an intention to initiate humanitarian undertakings. During the meeting with George’s best friend, Angeline Nair, and several personages of the Bangalore society, the George Foundation was launched.

This social purpose venture entails a social mission “help alleviate poverty, promote health and a clean environment, and strengthen democratic institutions and values in developing countries.” (TGF Mission) One project that TGF established was the Shanti Bhavan Boarding School that aims to provide education to impoverished children who are not different from those children who are more fortunate. To implement protection of health and the environment, TGF instituted the Baldev Medical and Community Centre where approximately 30 patients a day are served. Services offered by this centre include providing health checks for children, holding health education classes, and sending field workers to home. With a strong social focus in mind, TGF have also initiated several other projects using innovative approaches.

The George Foundation Main Website
Wikipedia: The George Foundation

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