Anti-Racist Teacher Resources: Videos

TheNewYorkTimes. (2015). A Conversation About Growing Up Black | Op-Docs | The New York Times. Retrieved December 10, 2020, from

This short documentary produced by The New York Times provides a close-up look at the daily struggles, fears, threats, and discrimination young black men, including young black boys, continue to face in their everyday lives. This video offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the challenges that these young men have been experiencing, simply because of the way others perceive them because of their skin color. This short documentary is especially powerful for those who are not racial minorities or racially marginalized groups, as many of the challenges, worries, and realities that these young men and boys describe may be completely foreign to those with a different skin color. This short documentary is an excellent resource for social studies teachers to bring into their classroom, in order to provide students who may not be aware of these issues, with firsthand accounts of systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression. Teachers can bring this short video into their classrooms to supplement discussions on systemic racism, racial stereotyping, or racial oppression. Teachers may also use this video to introduce an activity, assignment, or lesson that deals with similar issues either historically or in our present day.

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