Inbound Marketing: Key Challenges Ahead

I notice a following challenges in coming future as more and more companies will try to adopt the inbound strategy to satisfy the expectations of digital era.

Compelling content: As tough it is to make your website search relevant, tougher part is to create relevant content. Recognizing this challenge as well as the opportunity here, Coca Cola has come up with its 2020 vision through content marketing. They have coined “Liquid marketing”, the idea is to harness customer’s voice and to go for snowballing content generation.

Coca Cola Content 2020

Differentiation in the category: As in the coming future, all the brands will try to maximize their gain on internet marketing. They will try to connect to the customers and keep themselves differentiated from others in the same category. At the same time they should be talking similar and relevant to the product category to be noticed by the prospects. Therefore the style of communication will play an important role in near future.

Engagement verses Conversion: The focus will increase on conversions through engagement and association with the prospects. How to drive these prospects into consumers can be an important differentiating factor for a brand.

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