Inbound marketing: Why it is so relevant for internet marketers?

The approach evolved from the idea of shifting from less aggressive selling to increased focus on generating user’s interest in the product or the company. Putting in simple words – Make your business easily accessible to the prospects, catch their attention and convert them into customers.

Instead of selling or promoting your products to the consumers directly, you are creating content which is relevant and useful to them. The idea behind inbound marketing is to have continuous interaction with the prospects/consumers and at the end they will reward you with buying your product or promoting your business.


So, why inbound marketing is more relevant in today’s context?

The platform and accessibility:  Web 2.0 has changed the way marketers promoted their products and run the campaigns. Gone are the days when commercials are the only source to persuade consumers to make a purchase. Now the internet provides real time two way communication platform. It’s a platform where the brand as well as consumers can share their opinions. It has provided the accessibility to both the sides. Again, with the evolution of social media, consumers have a strong platform to raise their voice and share their experience with others. Looking at the cost side, this platform is far less expensive than the outbound marketing tools available for brands.

Changed consumer behavior: Now the consumers are well informed about the products or the category. Their accessibility to information has increased tremendously. Keeping the context in mind, it has become increasingly difficult to catch their attention through traditional outbound marketing approach. They have also become more expressive and willing to provide their opinion through social media. They like to share their views and experience about various products and services.

With the support of above arguments, it is easily understandable that inbound marketing methods are more effective and efficient in the digital era.





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