An interesting case of Coca Cola Wearable Movie campaign

Integrating offline and online media

How integrating offline and online media can help you run innovative campaigns? A perfect example is Coca cola wearable movie campaign “Put on a smile”. Coca Cola launched this campaign in 2013 and brought a fresh perspective into innovative campaigns area.

Starting from social media fans, company staffs and creative partners, they sent them all T-shirts with a Thank you note. Each T-shirt had a clipping of a movie printed on it.

Those fans and staffs were asked to wear those T shirts, take a photo and then share it with Coca cola. By collecting and combining all these images, Coca Cola made a movie, which they further promoted and shared across online platforms. They termed it as “Wearable Movie”.

Following are the important takeaways:

  • Story telling is a very good way to engage your audience and Coca Cola has mastered this art.
  • Consumer engagement is a very good way to strengthen your brand equity.
  • Integrating online and offline media provides an opportunity to run innovative campaigns.

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