“Do Right Campaign” by Tata Capital

An example of Integration Internet Marketing campaign from India

Do Right campaign by “Tata Capital” is a good example of integrated marketing campaign on internet.

They included a dedicated Microsite along with blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to promote the campaign. And they did it exactly right. The campaign was mainly targeted to extend the brand proposition “We only do what’s right for you”.

Microsite: Tata Capital dedicated a microsite for the purpose, which was the central point for the campaign.  They published stories, blogs, Brand ambassador’s contribution on this website and introduced brand as well, hence capturing all the Do right activities on the microsite. http://doright.in/

Facebook: Tata Capital launched a Facebook app “Kids know best”. Where they invited kids to share their opinions on values and why should we follow them. The idea was to involve parents as well and spread the message that kids learn what they see. So, we elders need to do right things. It further emphasized brand proposition of Tata Capital as “We only do what’s right for you”.

Twitter:  They used twitter handle to generate awareness, facilitate sharing and inform others about the campaign.


YouTube: Lots of videos were uploaded on the You Tube stream of Tata Capital. YouTube was used as platform to launch the contents for the campaigns.


This integrated approach made the campaign quite successful. The campaign effectively spread the extended brand proposition.


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