The Best 5 Mind Mapping Software For Students and Teachers

Many students and teachers battle to discover study and work abilities that suit them. Some strategies such as reading or taking notes, just serve a few of us. With students and teachers are looking for options or more compelling techniques, mind mapping software is so perfect.

Concentrating on a mind mapping tool for people prompts better information retention. Almost people of all ages or fields are without a doubt acquainted with the feeling of pieces of information over-burden and the pressure brought by really focusing on recollecting an idea later.

The mind mapping software will help people across the world change the way they make notes and improve their memory. Let’s find out how mind mapping software can improve study and work skills for Students and Teachers.

What is mind mapping software?

Mind mapping software is a tool that helps to organize pieces of information visually. The mind mapping tool is designed to represent the relationship between ideas graphically and concepts. The mind mapping tool also is a visual thinking program that helps you analyze, synthesize, recall and create lots of new ideas effectively.

Moreover, mind mapping software also is a brainstorming tool that enables you to create many visual diagrams of your ideas. Using a mind map maker, you can create an idea and a conceptual mapping that illustrates the connections and hierarchy between different ideas.

What is a mind map?

Mind Maps are visual maps of your ideas, laid out in a radial format around a central thought. To use Mind Maps for study, simply take the central subjects and then organize your notes around this point.

Moreover, mind mapping is an instrument for sorting out thoughts, taking notes, and organizing papers. Mind maps carry the request to your contemplation and welcome a free progression of ideas, also empowering imagination.

How can mind maps helps in education?

The Mind Map is a versatile tool, which can improve any aspect of education, including:

  • Essay planning and essay writing.
  • Studying for exams or generating creative ideas.
  • Solving problems and brainstorming for Group Studying.
  • Creating or Making Presentations.

Let’s take a look at some of the 5 best mind mapping software, you can use for education.

1.   EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a full-featured collaborative mind map and brainstorming tool.

With EdrawMind, it can help users visualize their ideas visualized and organized their tasks quickly. Note-taking, knowledge management, brainstorming, and project management are also supported by EdrawMind.

Mind maps can easily be shared, with a single click being all that is required to share in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, whether in HTML or PDF.

You can use EdrawMind to outline project plans, plan events, create business strategies, and much more. Planning with EdrawMind is simple, visual, and has even more fun.

EdrawMind enables organizations to share, store, and manage their collective knowledge securely and centrally. Moreover, users can use it whether they are using a Linux, macOS, Windows, Android or iOS device. Users can also access it from browser online.

With features include:

  • Improve your productivity and develop more ideas, and boost the effectiveness of your learning.
  • An intuitive user interface that is so easy to use. Especially, presentations made easy to showcase your work and turn your mind mapping into slide-by-slide presentations.
  • Huge library of built-in and user-shared mind mapping templates and clip arts.
  • A lot of customization options and diversity in mapping designs – from mind map, timeline to fishbone diagram, and more.
  • Helpful tutorials and users guide on the company’s website
  • Fully automatic layout with concentrate on getting your thoughts out and let EdrawMind handles the rest.

Trail: Free version is available.

Pricing: EdrawMind pricing is available in the following plans: free basic version, subscription plan: $59/annually or lifetime plan licenses: $145.

Visit website: EdrawMind

2.   Coggle

Coggle is a web-based tool that allows users to create mind mapping in a snap. Users can be prompted to sign into Coggle with their Google account. For students without a Google account, they can sign-up process will be a bit more involved. Once users sign in, they may instantly start designing their mind mapping tool. This site doesn’t offer any premade templates, so students can be forced to get creative from the start. There is a very helpful self-guided tour that gives tricks and tips on how to utilize every aspect of the site. Users can share their mapping with others, and even comment on other people’s mind maps.

When a map is complete, users can able to save their maps as either PNG or PDF files. They also have the option of sharing the maps via Facebook or Twitter or embedding a link to their maps on their website. The revision-history feature can allow teachers to see their students’ progress, and since it is linked to a Google account, there is no need to save progress on a mind map. The current version can be automatically saved to the user’s Google Drive. Unlike some tools, the free version of Coggle help to allows users to create an unlimited number of mind maps. This feature, paired with the auto-save feature and makes this tool very valuable in the classroom.

Use Coggle beginning stages of the writing process. After you assign writing, students can use Coggle to create their brainstorming mind maps. Once students display all their ideas and they can drop and draw ideas under web squares containing their main topics. This site also is great for creating any kind of flowchart students would need for other assignments or projects. Work is automatic can save to the student’s Google Drive, so there is no need to worry about mind maps disappearing. With the ability to download mind maps as PNG or PDF files, it is so easy for students to turn their works in for teachers to grade.

With features include:

  • Have on-premise instances for use behind your firewall.
  • It can active Directory authentication.
  • Have site licenses
  • Have enterprise-level support
  • Can carry on a conversation in the messages sidebar or can go into full-screen presentation mode to take a step back and can do more high-level ideation.

Trail: 10-day free trial.

Pricing: Free Forever with ideal for discovering Coggle and occasional use: $0 forever. Awesome with the deal for personal or professional use with privacy and advanced features: $5 per month. An organization with ideal for teams that want to control access to their data and consolidate billing: $8 per member per month

Visit website:

3.    XMind

XMind is one of the best mind mapping software, and XMind also is a professional software. It is widely used for ideas management. It offers sustainable productivity and creativity.

XMind is the top choice of more than one million people worldwide. It’s open-source mind mapping software with a free basic version.

This software is compatible with various operating systems such as Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Moreover, XMind is an award-winning idea management software solution.

Its simple, straightforward interface and set of excellent functionalities make it stand out. XMind can help developers by providing effective communication and collaboration. The solution maximizes the potential in creating services and productivity software.

With features include:

  • Protect your mind maps files with passwords.
  • Export the mind mapping as PNG, PDF, or markdown files.
  • Mobile apps for iOS devices and Android are available.

Trail: no time limit with the trial version.

Pricing: XMind pricing is available in the following plans:

XMind 8: Free with all types of diagrams

XMind 8 Pro: $129/year includes all types of audio notes, diagrams, customizable themes, and password encryption.

Visit website:

4.    MindMeister

MindMeister is a beautifully designed, cloud-based mind mapping tool that lets you visually develop, capture and share ideas. Used alone or as a team, MindMeister allows you to easily share, collaborate and present from anywhere in the world.

MindMeister has an easy user interface so you can so quickly add ideas, videos, attach images, files, links or quickly sketch out a concept using the drawing feature. There’re some useful collaboration features to help you share the idea with your team, comment, vote and chat in-app and in real-time, so it is more than just a mapping tool. It’s also quite easy to turn your maps into a presentation with the auto-create, drag, and select presentation feature. You can share your map privately with a unique share link, publish it to Meister’s public maps universe and generate embed code.

I’d recommend this map for newbies because it only takes a few minutes to sign in and start mapping. Something, I appreciate is that the app isn’t overloaded with lots of choices. What you get is a curated selection and a thoughtfully designed interface of themes, templates, and styles to create ready-to-share mind mapping. The basic setup is so easy and quick. If you’re stuck, MindMeister offers an extensive online help center with fast email support and tutorial videos.

MindMeister also integrates with the task management app MeisterTask, where you can turn your mind maps into a project and assigning tasks using the built-in integration. MindMeister comes integrated with popular tools such as GSuite, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and Dropbox.

With features include:

  • So simple to control with attractive output.
  • Come with lots of templates.
  • Easy to adapt or use.
  • Can easily share mind mapping with friends and can colleagues to collaborate with them in real-time.
  • Can assign tasks to set priorities, collaborators, add due dates and indicate progress using a simple task widget.

Trail: no time limit and they also offer a free plan with 3 free maps.

Pricing: MindMeister pricing from $4.99/user/months.

Visit website:

5.    MindMup

The 5th spot in our list of the best mind mapping software goes to MindMup.

MindMup is entirely web-based, which can make it easy to save and publish your mind mapping online and to social media platforms. No need to convert the mind mapping into another file format before publishing. MindMup Atlas can automatically add images and contextual information to the map for posting to social media networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.

MindMup controlled sharing settings allow limited access to private mind mapping.

With features include:

  • Have a storyboard feature can transform a hierarchy into a sequence of slides.
  • Structure content of writing with the document outline and can use notes and attachments.
  • Measurement tools mind map notes automatically, calculate and breakdown budget, costs, and track progress. For record-keeping download the measurements to the spreadsheet
  • MindMup for Google Drive can link to other documents on Google Drive and integrates with Google Image and Google Photos.

Trail: 30-day free trial.


  • The free plan allows for an unlimited number of mind maps up to 100 KB storage and saved and published for up to six months.
  • Personal Gold costs $2.99 per month and Organizational Gold $100 yearly with unlimited users. The Gold user packages can create private maps, share and edit concurrently

Visit website:

In this article, you have found out 5 Best Mind Mapping Software for students and teachers to linear note-taking, which might explain why you find studying boring! mind mapping software can change all that. By using mind mapping software to make notes or improve your memory, you will find that you enjoy studying more. So, you can original creative ideas or get the information down a lot faster.