Ninja Foodi – Perfect Cooking partner for Students

Students who live alone in apartments and hostels often find it hard to manage time for cooking and they end up consuming unhealthy unhygienic food from restaurants and food trucks while they try to manage their everyday affairs in a limited budget. Even if you are not a student but a single parent or a couple living in a small apartment leading a busy life, you’d need something that can help you cooking a healthy meal after your hectic day at work. And that’s where Ninja Foodi air fryer and multi-cookers come into play!

Before you dive into checking Ninja Foodi and Ninja Foodi Deluxe difference, checking if the Op305 is one Quart bigger than Op302 or going after Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker with Tendercrisp and Dehydrator Review, you should know what kind of multi-cooker you should have for your everyday cooking requirements.

Let’s get going with the buying guide!


Air fryers are available from 2 Qt to 16 or even 23 Quarts cooking capacity. If you are single/student or couple living in small space, a 2 Quart air fryer would suffice. For a family of 3-4, you will require a machine with 4-5 Qt cooking capacity. If you often throw party or hold family gatherings in your backyard, a large air fryer with 8-10 Quarts cooking capacity would be an optimal choice. A larger air fryer for a small family and vice versa would just not work for you.


Once you decided the size, you’ll need to determine how much will you be able to spend. Some of the advanced options will cost you dearly while small and budget options will cost you just about 100$ or even less. Once the budget is decided, we can table some of the best choices to select from.

Features and functions

Features and functions of any cooking appliance are directly proportionate with the price tag. If you need more advanced features such as touch screen control panel, automatic cooking, delay timer, and dual functionality, you will have to spend some extra bucks. On the other hand, simple air fryers you only get fewer features and limited cooking capacity. They usually come with one on/off switch, a temperature dial and a timer. They also lack the cooking presets which are the hallmark feature of advanced air fryers such as Cuisinart, Ninja or Instant pot.


Most advanced air fryers offer versatility and impeccable cooking performance. You can not only air fry but broil, bake, roast, and rotisserie a full chicken or turkey in an air fryer. Some air fryers do have a couple of preset cooking functions where you don’t have to manually set the timer and temperature and the air fryer does everything itself. If you think you’d use all these features, you can buy an advanced air fryer otherwise a simple air fryer machine would be just fine for air frying. Spending your hard-earned money on something you’d hardly use is not something we suggest at all.


Cleaning is the part which most of us do not like at all. Especially in summer, it gets harder to spend hours by the sink to do the cleaning. Hence, it is advised to look for air fryer with nonstick coated inner frying basket which is super easy to clean and you don’t have to rub it because the nonstick coating prevents the food from sticking to the frying basket’s surface. Your air fryer being dishwasher safe is important when you are living a busy lifestyle.

Control panel

Last but not least, you should check whether you need a simple to operate control panel consisting of a temperature and timer knob or an advanced digital touch screen display with multiple presets and cooking menus. If you are a pro and can handle an advanced machine, that’d be perfect to have one on your kitchen counter. It will not only make the cooking process convenient but add elegance and class to your kitchen as well.

Apart from above stated features and functionality to look for you may look for other specifics that you might be interested in. in the end it all comes down to your personal preferences and taste whether you like an advanced air fryer or you like to keep things simple. Budget, family size, eating habits of family members, space in your kitchen are other factors that also determine what kind of machine will be suitable.