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How COVID-19 has Affected Financial and Mental Health of Students

COVID-19 has badly affected the lives of people especially students and left some long-lasting effects on their mental health. Concerned about their study, career and expenses, young people are uncertain what the future holds for them.

Apart from that, there is a huge impact on the financial situation of students as the system completely switches to online study mode. The concept of formal education, conduction of classes and norms of learning are transformed completely.

We have overviewed some of the projecting effects of COVID-19 on students’ mental health and financial condition. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Effect of COVID-19 on Students’ Mental Health

Researches indicate that most of the students are facing issues in stress management, social relationships, sleep quality and eating habits. Due to this, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are prevailing in students rapidly.

Another factor contributing to all these issues is the lockdown and isolation. Having the feeling of loneliness and having no one to talk with can worsen the person’s symptoms and lead to the severity of the problem.

Financial Strain on Students

The mental health and financial situation of a person goes hand in hand. So when the students are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and other psychological issues, they are unable to focus on their job or whatever they do for a living.

Moreover, most of the companies are terminating their employees due to the shattered economic condition across the globe. Studies show that almost half of the students have lost their jobs during COVID-19 and are in great economic insecurity about their tuition fees and other daily living expenses.

Students’ Jobs in COVID Times

While the majority of the corporations are either shutting down or laying off their workers, students have found ways to survive this critical time and support their families financially. They have started working online, invested in online startups, make their YouTube channels, started a kitchen business, and found a lot of other ways to get through these uncertain times.

Here is a list of some part-time remote jobs that students can go for to manage their expenses without much effort or experience. Have a look:

  • Online tutors
  • Virtual assistant
  • Data entry
  • Writer or editor
  • Digital marketing
  • Research related jobs
  • Virtual internships

Academic Writing Services in the Pandemic

Academic writing services help the students with their assignments or other study-related tasks. Whether you are out of time or finding the task tough, assignment writing services are available  for you at every step of your academic life.

Tight deadlines or lack of professional writing skills lead students to academic writing services and companies. On the other hand, students can also provide their services in the academic writing domain to earn some cast without putting in the extra effort.

Although every company knows the financial situation of students currently due to the pandemic, they are not facilitating students by any discounts or installment plans except a few ones. This is increasing the pressure on students along with the other circumstances.

However, some of the companies are offering reasonable discounts and installment plans to give relief to those students who are suffering due to the pandemic. You can get benefited from the coupons, promo codes and other reliefs from such companies offering academic writing services to the students.

Dissertation Writing Services and Discount for Students

A dissertation is one of the most crucial elements of your educational career. If you are finding it difficult to complete your dissertation within the deadline or lacking the proper information about how to write it competently, dissertation writing services are a big relief in such cases. These companies have highly qualified professionals who are experts in their work.

But again, the charges are quite high for dissertation writing services and most of the students are unable to afford it in this time of financial crisis. Yet some companies are kind enough to provide flat discounts with great writing services to the students to assist them in the key element of their professional degree.


COVID-19 has left drastic impacts on every aspect of people’s life including students. The uncertain parameters and major changes in lifestyle such as work from home, online classes, social distancing, and isolation have affected our mental health negatively and increased the ratio of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Due to all this, most of the students right now all around the world are in financial distress and unable to meet their studies and other expenses. If you are a student going through the same, try finding some remote part-time job to finance your study expenses.

As academic writing is a need of most of the higher studies students, offering a discount or an installment plan for students in these times would be a great favor for the students.

What Are the Types of Blockchain?

Blockchain has progressed significantly during the previous decade. It all started with Bitcoin, which provided the first form of blockchain: the public Blockchain. Bitcoin’s blockchain may also be considered the first generation of blockchain technology.

Presently, there are several versions of blockchain technology, each of which serves a particular purpose and addresses a specific problem or group of problems. Today, investors have several options to select and invest in. However, having a deep knowledge about types is vital. More importantly, many businesses are incorporating them into their operations to maximize benefits. According to one survey by Gartner, in 2021, the number of enterprise production use cases is anticipated to increase by double digits. Various use cases, however, necessitate different types of blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

A general definition is that blockchain is a distributed, unchangeable ledger that makes recording transactions and monitoring assets in a corporate network easy. The asset can be tangible or intangible. On a blockchain network, users can monitor virtually any value and sell, which will lower the risk and cut down costs for users involved.

For any business, information is the lifeblood. The sooner and more precisely it is received, the better the result. It offers shareable and complete transparency in the information recorded on an immutable ledger that only permission network users can view. In this situation, blockchain is the ideal method.

Types of Blockchain

Public blockchains, private blockchains, consortium blockchains, and hybrid blockchains are the four primary forms of blockchain networks. Each of these systems has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and uses for the user.

  • Public Blockchain

One of the four forms of blockchain technology is the public blockchain. A public blockchain is a non-permissible distributed ledger that anybody may join and conduct transactions on. It is a non-restrictive form of the ledger in which each peer has a copy. It also implies that anyone with an internet connection may view the public blockchain.

Reliable mechanisms such as Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), and others are used to verify transactions in the public blockchain. The participating nodes must undertake the hard lifting for the public blockchain to function, including verifying transactions.


  • The public blockchain is open to everyone.
  • It instills confidence in the community.
  • Everyone is motivated to contribute to the improvement of the public network.
  • Working on a public blockchain does not necessitate the use of intermediaries.
  • Depending on the amount of participating nodes, public blockchains are also secure.


  • Sometimes the network is slow
  • Companies cannot restrict users to user
  • High chance of hacking and altering data


Mining and exchanging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is the most popular use of public blockchains. It is used for creating a permanent record with a traceable custody chain (like a notary) through the electronic method of affidavits and public property.

Private Blockchain

Another form is the private blockchain. A private blockchain is one that operates in local contexts, such as a closed network. It is also a permission blockchain that a single company manages.

Private blockchains are ideal for usage within a privately held corporation or organization for internal purposes. Users can use the blockchain and enable just chosen parties to access the network this way. The organization may also control the network’s settings, such as access, authorization, etc.

  • Advantages

Private blockchains are extremely fast. It is because they have fewer participants compared to public blockchains. In other words, the network takes less time to establish an agreement, resulting in quicker transactions.

Private blockchains are more scalable than public blockchains. Scalability is feasible since just a few nodes are permitted to validate transactions in a private blockchain. It implies that regardless of how large the network becomes, the private blockchain will continue to operate at its speed. The importance of decision-making centralization is ignorable.

  • Disadvantages

Unlike public blockchains, private blockchains are not entirely decentralized. It is one of the significant drawbacks, and it goes against the distributed ledger technology or blockchain concept in general. Since the centralized nodes make the final decision, achieving confidence inside the private blockchain is difficult.

  • Uses

Due to good speed, private blockchains are excellent for situations when the blockchain needs cryptographical security. Yet, the governing entity does not want the information to be viewed by the general public due to its speed.

Hybrid Blockchain

Hybrid blockchain, in particular, is quite similar to consortium blockchain, but it is not. However, there may be some parallels between them.

A hybrid blockchain combines the benefits of both private and public blockchains. It has applications in organizations that don’t want to install either a private or public blockchain and instead want the best of both worlds.


  • Works in a closed ecosystem and does not need everything to be made public.
  • Rules can be modified to meet the demands of the situation.
  • Hybrid networks are also safe from 51% of assaults.
  • It provides privacy while linked to a public network.


  • It’s not entirely transparent.
  • It might be challenging to upgrade to a hybrid blockchain.
  • There is no financial incentive for people to join and contribute to the network.


Real estate is the primary industry where hybrid blockchains are used. Companies can utilize a hybrid blockchain to process the system securely while exposing some information (such as listings) to the public.

Consortium Blockchain

Consortium blockchain, also known as the federated blockchain, is comparable to a hybrid blockchain in that it combines characteristics of both private and public blockchains. In this type of blockchain, consensus processes regulation takes place by preset nodes in a consortium blockchain. It has a validator node, which is responsible for initiating, receiving, and securing transactions. Transactions can be accepted or undertaken by member nodes.

  • Advantages

A consortium blockchain is scalable in comparison to a public blockchain network. It also has access controls, just as private and hybrid blockchains.

  • Disadvantage

In comparison to a public blockchain, the transparency level in consortium blockchain is less. There is a huge chance of data hacking if a member node is compromised, and the blockchain’s own rules can make the network unusable.

  • Uses

This form of blockchain is used for banking and payments purposes. Different banks can join forces to establish a consortium, with the consortium selecting which nodes will validate the transactions.


After mentioning detailed information on these four types, it is best to go with a private blockchain, especially if one runs a company. Furthermore, if you want your network to be more transparent, a public platform is a fantastic choice. However, they are not well suited to corporate use cases. In a broader sense, each of these blockchains can increase trust and transparency while also creating a better record of transactions. Visit to get the latest updates and news on blockchain technology.

Are There Any Sustainable Packaging Options?

Yes, there are so many sustainable packaging options, but they are still pretty new. However, the field is pretty new because people still aren’t aware of eco-friendly brands and how they are thriving through. For this reason, they have no idea about the availability of sustainable packaging options, but we are sharing the top choices in this article!


The mono-materials have become a positive influence, and they are actually contributing to the economy since they are promoting reusability and recyclability. The mono-materials are also known as single material packaging, which eases the recycling process, promising easier accessibility for packaging suppliers and clients. With this option, sustainability will be evident because the packaging can be recycled and settles away the adverse impacts of packaging. In addition, it can be recycled in plants which reduces the emission because it kicks out the material separation procedures. 


These are truly the innovated materials because they feel and look like plastic but are based on the biomass sources, such as meat protein, wheat, and milk. What’s most surprising is that these materials can be replenished, and they are available in the environment. On the other hand, it is important to outline that not all bioplastics can be degraded. For instance, some packaging manufacturers have managed to design custom packaging boxes with the help of animal skin. For the most part, the packaging designed with bioplastics looks minimal and actually reduces waste. On top of everything, it can reduce the burden caused by greenhouse emissions. 

Save Ink 

While we are talking about sustainable packaging, it is safe to say that ink can add to the pollution as well, and it can disrupt the natural ecosystem. On the other hand, it’s needless to say that inks are essential for designing custom packaging boxes, so you can simply shift to petroleum-based inks because it’s great for the environment. These inks are based on vegetable and soy components that don’t excrete harmful compounds into the environment, promising zero harm to the environment. The best thing about these inks is that they ease the recyclability because they can be de-inked pretty easily. In addition, it has higher biodegradability. 

Edible Packaging

The environmental crisis has pushed the brands to work on something better, and packaging has been innovated for the same reason. For this reason, they have launched edible packaging because even your stomach and gut can recycle. That being said, edible packaging is fully biodegradable. In addition to this, these edible packaging options are available in various flavors and are designed with the help of seaweed-based technology. Not to forget, some coffee houses have started serving edible coffee cups, which are not only heat resistant and grain-based, but they are non-leaking. Also, what can be better than eating food and packaging at once? 

Plantable Packaging

Plantable packaging has become one of the greatest ways of increasing the forestation process and start growing more plants when so many people keep cutting the trees. Actually, some brands are designing fruit-based plantable packaging to ensure the fruit trees grow up. In addition to packaging, these designs can be used in the form of wedding cards, confetti, and gift cards which actually increase the tree plantation. What’s best is that various clothing brands have replaced plastic packaging with plantable packaging, so people can simply tear the bag and plant something new on their own lawn. So, if you are designing packaging, this plantable design will be a great start. 

Compostable Bags

When it comes down to sustainable packaging, compostable bags have become a great option, and they can optimize sustainability standards. If you adorn your products with compostable products, it will provide much-needed assurance to the customers that your brand believes in eco-friendliness and sustainability. These bags are designed with completely compostable designs. In addition to this, it is suggested that you opt for compostable bags that are designed with recycled materials. The most fascinating point about compostable bags is that they can be customized in colors, art, design, and size to meet the brand’s needs without compromising on environmental protection. 

Corrugated Packaging

These are the same old brown boxes that have been around for years, and they are actually one of the most sustainable packaging options. This is because the corrugated packaging is designed with recycled paper, which makes them reusable, and they can be recycled as well. If you are concerned about reusability and strength, it is attained with a high-strength corrugation process. In addition, these boxes work great for insulation and are sturdy enough to protect healthcare products and other sensitive items. The best thing about corrugated packaging is that it’s economical, versatile, and customizable, which helps meet the brand’s packaging requirements. 

Anti-Microbial Packaging

The anti-microbial packaging is a suitable choice for perishable food items, and it is perfect for enhancing and extending the shelf life of the products. In addition, the packaging is designed to protect food products from microbes and bacteria. This packaging solution is great for organic food brands to enhance the shelf life and grocery stores that want to customize the packaging to improve protection. According to research, the market for anti-microbial packaging will reach around $11.88 billion by the year 2024. In addition, it has already shown to reduce carbon emission while protecting food items, so what more could an eco-friendly brand want?

QR Codes

Some people might think that sustainability in packaging is all about using eco-friendly materials, but it’s more than that. For instance, QR codes can be used to reduce the need to print out more tech-oriented packaging. This is because the QR codes can tell the entire brand story without using too much packaging material. To illustrate, it can communicate the product ingredients, product source, and business location without creating a huge package. QR codes were first used on packaging in 2019, but the utilization just doubled up in 2021, and it’s expected to increase the QR code utilization even more. So, which one is suitable for your brand?


IT is without a doubt one of the most highly sought after career fields in the world today. There is a lot to be said about the immense potential of a career in IT. This is especially true now as the digital era continues to go from strength to strength, firmly establishing its presence on an international scale. Careers in fields like this are becoming more highly sought after as individuals around the globe and companies alike are realising that they are fields that are becoming more ingrained in the way that modern society functions and thrives.

So many students around the globe make the decision to study IT and they know full well that this decision is one that does not come lightly. This is not a university degree or a career path that comes without significant hard work and determination – even (and especially) when other fields of interest may not require as much of the same to be successful. The individuals who are willing and able to put in the hard work are the ones who will get ahead in the IT field. So, how can students successfully build a career in IT?

Constantly learn – especially outside the box

Yes, your courses are important. However, it is also just as important (if not sometimes more so) to consistently learn outside the box and outside the classroom. You can only learn so much in your classes and when you take it upon yourself to be learning outside of that traditional framework as well you are essentially putting in the work to further your skills and talents in a way that ensures that you are effectively and successfully exceeding the expectations. This will put you in a better position for career prospects throughout your IT career and in life in general.

Build your own projects while still at uni

Whether it is working with a company like AppVelocity or taking it upon yourself to build your own projects entirely on your own, it is important to be building your own projects while you are still at uni and obviously as well as after the fact. The reason for this is that when you are building your own projects. you have more of a portfolio and a higher level of experience that makes you more desirable to future prospective employers or collaborative partners. Building your own projects also means that you are learning not just theoretically but literally in ways that give you a real world experience before you have even really dived into the industry outside of your university student experience.

Consistently expand your network

The professional network that you build in the IT industry will often end up being the very same network that helps you to not only make the most of the industry but also that informs you about new projects that come out of the woodwork. Expanding your network also means that your reputation will begin to proceed and people will want to source you for the work rather than the other way around. And that is always a positive thing, so long as your work is of high quality and you are a dignified professional.

How to make short video for birthday wishes

Birthdays are an exciting part of our lives, we look forward to it every year to celebrate and have a good time around our loved ones. They also become a day to make your loved ones feel special by wishing and gifting the best for them. It’s best when the wishes are heartfelt and personal. In this digital era, short videos for birthday wishes are considered a sweet gesture. The best part about birthday wishes through short videos is that they can be sent across the globe without any hindrance. Creating birthday video wishes without limitations is only possible with the help of a free online video editor. Let us understand how to make short videos for birthday wishes.

Collect photos and videos

The first step is to create a heartfelt video would be to collect pictures and videos of the person through different walks of life. It can be a few special moments along with their close friends and family or it can just be them enjoying a moment. The primary objective is to get as many visuals that you possibly can so that you can creatively give the birthday video a structure. It is important to choose well-shot visuals as it will be deciding upon the overall look and feel of the video. Make sure the video is structured in a manner that has a beginning, middle, and end. It creates an impact that makes your birthday video wish unforgettable. 

Add music to your video

Emotions are supported by music and the audio part of your video is as important as the visuals. Make sure to add music to your birthday wish video. It’s like the cherry on the top of the birthday cake. Music ignites emotions and adds a flow to the birthday video. You must sync the music and the beats with the visual to create a well-made birthday wish. To select a piece of good music you can use a free online video editor that has access to numerous music in their audio library. You can also add multiple soundtracks to make the video compelling. A change in soundtrack helps when you want to create a long birthday wish video.

Compiling wishes 

When you want to overwhelm the birthday person with numerous wishes, you can collect birthday wishes videos and stitch them together. While this can be a bit challenging, you must organize the files and take out key moments because the wishes can be long and you wouldn’t want a birthday wish video to be of the same length as that of a feature film. What you should be aiming for is creating a video montage using a free online video editor. A video montage of the wishes will contain snippets of the wishes that you’ll collect from the dear ones. You can add effects, filters, music, and sync it according to the pace of the video. These types of videos are bound to overwhelm as they’re extremely personalized and feel one-to-one as the wishes are full of love. You can also choose questions and themes for the wishes while adding texts to support your video. Compiling birthday wishes becomes an unforgettable gesture. 

Bonus Tip: Use Templates

When you’re confused about where to begin try using video templates from a free online video editor. Video templates set the workflow of the video for you, all you have to do is place the elements. Since they’re highly customizable, templates are one of the best ways to create personalized short videos for birthday wishes. The best part about video templates is that you get graphical images and texts that often act as a decoration on your video. These decorative templates make the birthday video wish appear bright and vibrant while making the day colorful. Making your video vibrant shall make sure to light up the special day of your loved one.

Now that you know how to make a short video for birthday wishes, you must plan a splendid surprise and keep innovating the wishes for your loved and dear ones. 




How to Choose the Best House Painter to decorate your home professionally

Are you tired of your house losing its shine after only a few years of painting? What causes this to happen? This is primarily due to poor workmanship techniques used during the painting process. That is precisely why you should hire a good professional painter. When you do the painting task yourself, it may appear to be a more reasonable option, but you can be sure that the effect of your work will not last long. So, how do you go about finding a house painter? More importantly, how do you determine whether a particular house painter is competent or not? First and foremost, you will need to locate house painters in your area. The best option would be to inquire at a nearby paint store. Because painters come here to get paints, these stores would be aware of the good painters in the area. You could also look in the phone book. Even phone books and white pages may have information on your painter. However, more often than not, painters who do not have a thriving business are not registered here. The internet is another excellent resource for finding a painter. Simply typing a search for a house painter along with your zip code will yield a long list of painters in your area. You could even look up online advertisements on the internet. If you happen to come across a house that is being painted, you can always get the name and phone number of the painting company. However, word of mouth is the most dependable way to find the best painter. Consult any friends or acquaintances who have recently had their house painted. Take your time in locating the best painting company. To assist you, here are some characteristics to look for before hiring a house painter. Punctual and courteous A reliable painter is always precise and gentle, and he or she respects the customer’s colour preferences. Because the painter frequently finds new clients through word of mouth, it is critical that each of his clients is satisfied. Perfectionist A good house painter is a perfectionist who appreciates good work and straight lines. To accomplish this, he will select the best techniques for each project, and you will not be afraid to ask questions of the paint retailers to ensure that you have the products that will provide you with the best results. A favorable reputation A good house painter should be able to provide three to five references. Make the effort to contact them. This will give you an idea of how the painter works. You can also look at their website or pages to see what previous customers have said about their experience with a specific painter. Trustworthiness Whoever paints his house must be truthful. They will, after all, spend time at home and eventually with their families. Do not expose the safety of your loved ones or valuables. Hire a reputable painter. Reliable One of the most important characteristics of a good house painter is dependability. If you hire a painter who is experienced and competent but does not show up when you expect them to, you have chosen the wrong person. A good house painter works to a schedule and notifies you if changes are required. They show up on time and leave when they are supposed to. Honest A reliable painter must also be honest and capable of telling the client that the project is not right for him. Furthermore, if you do not master the required techniques or do not have the expertise or tools required for a specific project, a professional painter should be able to refer you to someone who can assist you. A great listener A good house painter must be attentive to what the client wants and complete what is required, regardless of the quality of work or experience. A good painter will also recommend products and methods that will improve the project while leaving the final decision to the client. Pay close attention to the details Paint requires careful attention to detail, such as recording and double-checking the straight line of outlines. A good home painter should be able to detect even the smallest flaws. They will make certain that every crack is adequately covered. Experienced A professional house painter has years of experience, allowing them to produce a high-quality result. He does not start painting right away. He is aware of the common flaws that must be addressed prior to painting to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Whether you go with a light yellow or a dark blue, a good painter makes all the difference.

Time Management and Productivity Tips that Will Land Fresh Grads their First Jobs

Looking for your first job right after graduation can be as intimidating as it can be challenging. However, with the right tools at hand and a positive mindset, you can hop on the first ladder step of your career with energy and confidence.

In this article, we will share a few helpful productivity tips that can make your first job search both efficient and successful.

Track the Time You Spend on Your Job Search

It’s always good to know what you are spending most time on. This information can be very useful in analyzing how productive you are in your job search and what areas are the most time-consuming. When you sit down at your desk and start your job search, try timing yourself on every task you do. Try to categorize your activities—whether it is scanning job hunting websites, looking through offers, researching companies, writing cover letters, applying for positions, verifying whether the offer you are looking at is a scam or not — and so on.

Using a free time tracking tool can be very helpful here as it can give you a number of useful insights on how to organize your job search for better efficiency. Moreover, a lot of companies (and, perhaps, your potential employers) are already actively using time tracking apps as a way to supervise employees and improve delegation. As such, your habit of using time tracking software and knowledge of the way it works may be very appreciated. Plus, time management skills would make a great addition to your resume.

You can also check out to discover more apps that will make your job search more efficient.

Remove Tasks That Are Unnecessary

We have a limited number of hours in the day — and if you have a specific goal in mind, it’s best to focus your energy and time on what’s essential to accomplish the result you are looking for.

Prioritizing your tasks can be of great help — but so can be simply eliminating the items that can be skipped at this point in time and are not essential for you moving forward. For instance, you may want to limit the amount of time you spend refreshing your email for possible answers to your applications, exclude spending time on job hunting platforms that didn’t prove successful in the past

Make Networking Part of the Equation

Not everyone enjoys networking — and it may sometimes seem like a very resource-consuming activity with very low potential for landing you a job. However, networking within your field or even a narrower professional niche can prove to be a great investment of your time. Connecting with your professional network can help you gain knowledge of the industry and gain insights into the way hiring processes work, what skills are in demand and more. Letting others in your network know what position you are looking for and what skills you have to offer may lead you all the way to a hiring manager or potential employer.

Narrow Down Your Search

When it comes to efficient job hunting, more isn’t always better. The less time you spend sorting through job offers and excluding the ones that are not a good fit the better. This is why it is essential that you have a set of clearly defined criteria of what you are looking for — the more specific, the better. Start by applying to jobs that you are genuinely interested in. Moreover, try to define your skills and qualifications so that you send your CV and personalized cover letter to apply for the positions that you are most likely to be chosen for.

The same goes for the platforms that you choose to job hunt on. You may feel like you have a higher chance of landing a job on big platforms that post lots of new offers but the opposite may actually be the case. Try to find specialized job search platforms that list offers in your industry or look for websites that feature the categories of jobs that you are most eager to find — for instance, freelance or remote jobs. It’s always best to find specialized sources for job openings.

Finally, give yourself the time to take breaks from active search and reflect on your progress. Constant sifting through job postings and emailing your applications can lead to a burn-out yielding less result than more. Incorporate regular time-off in your job-hunting practice and note down what activities and which platforms have been the most effective in your search.

Tips for ESL Students at UBC to Improve their Essay Writing Skills


At UBC (University of British Columbia), English is the main language for instructions. To take admission in undergraduate or graduate courses at UBC, students are required to have good English skills and must be able to converse, read, and write fluently in English. They must fulfill the minimum ELAS (English Language Admission Standard) needs. Applicants must present their English language scores before admission. Some of the acceptable tests include:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL
  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • UBC English Language Institute

Essay-based exams are a part of the UBC academic curriculum and are one of the major criteria for testing students by faculty. While the experience can be exhilarating for some students who have good writing skills or have a good grasp of the topic, it can be exhausting for some, especially ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Furthermore, ESL students must also pass their LPI or Language Proficiency Index exam.

UBC Learning Center is a resource center for undergrad students. Any student can join the center. They provide one-to-one learning sessions on developing writing skills, formatting, essay outline creation, and restructuring of the essays. Students work on their papers and edit and proofread them on their own. The center helps students to polish their English writing skills and get ready for exams. Many ESL students join the center for personalized tutoring from reputed faculties.

Essay writing can be challenging and needs active preparation and training. Sadly, many students take the easier way out by searching online for essay writing services in Canada to get their essays written by them. Furthermore, this process has become effortless because websites such as have the words Canada Essay Writing right in the name. Thus, students can easily find them and buy essays from them. This is, however, not the right manner. Only if a student carries out the actual research and works themselves on their essays can they learn the skills of writing essays.

Our guide will help ESL students coming from different countries to hone their essay writing skills and score good grades in exams. 

Tips to Improve Essay-Writing Skills

Many ESL students find it difficult to express their views in writing. They may have brilliant ideas but don’t know how to express them in writing. They often tend to use crutch words (words that are used repeatedly) due to a lack of vocabulary. Here are a few tips that will help you improve your essay-writing skills.

  • Read more books

Reading novels, articles, academic books, or scholarly papers will help in building vocabulary in the English language. Reading novels and academic books will help students get important ideas and concepts. Students can evaluate the works of great writers and follow their standards of writing.

  • Learn about sentence building and structuring

Learn about the basics of sentence constructing and structuring. Know the importance of using punctuation marks, capital letters quotations, and paragraph making in essays. Learn to construct and deconstruct sentences using punctuations to make meaningful sentences. Students must learn to create coherent paragraphs that give a visual structure to the essay that is easy to understand. Learn the basics of grammar, simple and complex sentences, conjunctions, prepositions, and fundamentals of sentence construction. Learn about the structure of an essay – introduction, body, and conclusion. Learn how to draw a comprehensive conclusion so that the readers get a summary of your essay.

  • Practice writing

You cannot improve your writing in one day. It needs dedication and practice. Remember to practice writing every day. Start with writing small essays. Select a topic and make an outline and start writing. There are plenty of international students who join UBC study programs every year. Collaborate with them and keep a diary of the topics covered. Start writing on the student’s forum and ask for feedback. Do not shy away from constructive criticisms. Try to work on your shortcomings. Try not to get demoralized if you can’t keep pace with the other writers. Take help from faculty or fellow students and practice regularly.

  • Understand your audience

Students must understand the difference between formal and informal writing. Writing stories is different from writing academic papers. Academic essay papers need logical structures, choice of words, extensive research, and information. When you are writing an academic essay, you must remember that you are writing for your professor who is an expert and has extensive knowledge about the subject of the essay. So, your writing must be serious, more persuasive, argumentative, and must support the topic.

  • Communicate with your readers

Communicative writing attracts readers and will foster interest in your paper. Discuss the topic with your tutor or friends and outline interesting ideas. Brainstorm the ideas and try to make your essay more interesting and communicative for readers. Choose a topic that interests you. It is better to choose broad topics that have plenty of resources and are easy to discuss.

How to ace essay-writing exams?

Worried about your upcoming essay-writing exam? Here are a few simple tips.

  • Prepare and focus on your exam – Preparation is the key to success. Remember your paper will be evaluated by an expert. So, study case studies, do ample research, brainstorm the ideas, and have a good preparation. 
  • Choose the right topic – When you get your question paper, do not start writing immediately. Take some time to read the topics. Choose a topic that you are confident about and you think is interesting for the reader. 
  • Make an outline – Now that you have selected the topic, read the instructions, and create a clear picture of how to organize the essay. Plan the structure of the essay, make suitable paragraphs, and make it visually appealing. Take 5 minutes to plan the outline of the essay. 
  • Use simple and clear language – Your essay must be easy to read. Do not use complicated or long sentences that can make the essay boring.
  • Keep track of time – You should be confident about the topic of your essay. You cannot change the topic midway through the exam. So, choose the topic wisely to save time. Do not waste too much time in writing the introduction part of the essay. If you are halfway through the exam and suddenly realize that you have chosen the wrong topic, do not panic. Instead, be confident and keep writing the essay. Support your essay with arguments and discussions.
  • Revise and proofread – Before submitting the final draft, make sure to proofread and edit your essay. See that your essay has clarity and is free from minor grammatical errors. Make sure that your essay is in the right direction and has not diverted from the main topic.

Final Thoughts

The best advice is not to overthink. If you are a foreigner and English is your second language, remember that you are not alone. English is one of the most popular languages and is easy to learn. You can join English courses and learn about the nuances of writing. Watching music videos, news channels, movies, will further help in developing your English-speaking skills. There are plenty of online writing tools available on the internet as well. Every year ESL students from different parts of the world join UBC academic courses. Build a bond with fellow students and professors who will help you overcome the anxiety and be more comfortable with the new environment.

Online Jobs Offered By A Job Agency and Require Little or No Experience

Some people don’t want to commit to a long-term career. Instead, they want short and flexible tasks that will help give them some cash while giving them time to focus on their stuff. Such people can find flexible freelance jobs online or through a job agency. Most of these jobs are not rewarding because they do not require complex skills. Also, they are easy to get whether you look at them by yourself or you use a job agency. Some people start them the same day after applying.
If you are looking for such opportunities, here are some of the jobs you can try:
  1. Micro-Job
A micro-job is a short online task that is done quickly and is paid a little money. These tasks are available on company websites in a special section and you can apply them through a job agency. To perform such tasks, you need to have logins for such companies to access the available tasks. Other places you can find such jobs are on marketplaces and job boards. Usually, no set fees are put since the tasks are paid according to how long they are. While doing micro-jobs, you have to do a lot of them to accumulate a substantial amount. In some companies, you are required to reach a certain amount before you are allowed to withdraw your earnings.
  1. Online Juror
When preparing for cases, attorneys put different resources together to help them have the casework in their favor. One of the preparations includes having a mock jury. Instead of paying in person, these attorneys will go for an online mock jury. The option is cheaper and a more logical way of getting feedback. Being an online juror is another perfect opportunity to work when you do not have experience. However, you need to answer a lot of questions when applying for these positions. The attorneys want to get people that reflect the actual jury to get the feedback that is relevant to their cases.
  1. Data Entry
It is probably the most popular on our list and most job agency firms provide them. Workers work remotely or while using crowdsourcing technologies. Companies delegate these tasks so they can focus on their strategic growth goals. Basic knowledge is what workers bring for data entry tasks. Companies may require you to have basic transcription knowledge and general knowledge.
  1. Website or Application Testing
Website testing does not require expert input. Sometimes, the developers want a beginner’s opinion because they want it to serve people in all capacities. Besides testing websites, you can also be tasked to review applications and websites that are in the development stage. These tasks are all done online. When testing a website or an application, you will be required to give your demographic information. That is your age, gender, education level, social media use, and web knowledge. This information is important to the developer to help them understand different groups.
  1. Search Evaluator
This is one of the tasks that require some knowledge like that of a college degree. Here, workers will be evaluating how internet search results are performing. This evaluation is often done to help businesses remain visible to their potential clients. Search evaluation includes checking for spam, relevance, and accuracy. The job requires you to have great communication skills and be up-to-date with internet trends. You can use an employment agency to apply for this job.
  1. Proofreader
This job also requires some skills to have it done. Usually, proofreaders take proofreading courses to help them perform these tasks. It is suitable for people that are super keen and can’t let a typo pass without noticing. Most employment agency firms provide them.
  1. Virtual Assistant
This is an exciting role that requires you to be well-organized to thrive in it. Usually, you are given a company’s details, and sometimes, you get a profile in the company. The job is done from home. Virtual assistants file and maintain office records, answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and events. Typically, it is like being an office assistant to a company. No complex skills are required for this role provided a virtual assistant can organize work and schedule everything without creating conflicting schedules.