How COVID-19 has Affected Financial and Mental Health of Students

COVID-19 has badly affected the lives of people especially students and left some long-lasting effects on their mental health. Concerned about their study, career and expenses, young people are uncertain what the future holds for them.

Apart from that, there is a huge impact on the financial situation of students as the system completely switches to online study mode. The concept of formal education, conduction of classes and norms of learning are transformed completely.

We have overviewed some of the projecting effects of COVID-19 on students’ mental health and financial condition. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Effect of COVID-19 on Students’ Mental Health

Researches indicate that most of the students are facing issues in stress management, social relationships, sleep quality and eating habits. Due to this, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are prevailing in students rapidly.

Another factor contributing to all these issues is the lockdown and isolation. Having the feeling of loneliness and having no one to talk with can worsen the person’s symptoms and lead to the severity of the problem.

Financial Strain on Students

The mental health and financial situation of a person goes hand in hand. So when the students are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and other psychological issues, they are unable to focus on their job or whatever they do for a living.

Moreover, most of the companies are terminating their employees due to the shattered economic condition across the globe. Studies show that almost half of the students have lost their jobs during COVID-19 and are in great economic insecurity about their tuition fees and other daily living expenses.

Students’ Jobs in COVID Times

While the majority of the corporations are either shutting down or laying off their workers, students have found ways to survive this critical time and support their families financially. They have started working online, invested in online startups, make their YouTube channels, started a kitchen business, and found a lot of other ways to get through these uncertain times.

Here is a list of some part-time remote jobs that students can go for to manage their expenses without much effort or experience. Have a look:

  • Online tutors
  • Virtual assistant
  • Data entry
  • Writer or editor
  • Digital marketing
  • Research related jobs
  • Virtual internships

Academic Writing Services in the Pandemic

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Tight deadlines or lack of professional writing skills lead students to academic writing services and companies. On the other hand, students can also provide their services in the academic writing domain to earn some cast without putting in the extra effort.

Although every company knows the financial situation of students currently due to the pandemic, they are not facilitating students by any discounts or installment plans except a few ones. This is increasing the pressure on students along with the other circumstances.

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But again, the charges are quite high for dissertation writing services and most of the students are unable to afford it in this time of financial crisis. Yet some companies are kind enough to provide flat discounts with great writing services to the students to assist them in the key element of their professional degree.


COVID-19 has left drastic impacts on every aspect of people’s life including students. The uncertain parameters and major changes in lifestyle such as work from home, online classes, social distancing, and isolation have affected our mental health negatively and increased the ratio of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Due to all this, most of the students right now all around the world are in financial distress and unable to meet their studies and other expenses. If you are a student going through the same, try finding some remote part-time job to finance your study expenses.

As academic writing is a need of most of the higher studies students, offering a discount or an installment plan for students in these times would be a great favor for the students.