Top 8 Fun Craft Activities for kids

Craft activities are fun as they boost kids’ creative and imaginative capabilities. So, if you are looking for fun craft activities for kids, you are on the right spot. Here are 10 most popular fun crafts for kids to engage in for hours. They will love making these simple crafts as the preparation is easy too.

DIY Stickers

Stickers are fascinating for kids as there are numerous varieties that can bring them limitless fun. Aside from the fun, kids can fine-tune their motor skills as well as earn patience when peeling off the stickers in order not to damage them. All that is needed is stickers and a drawing book. The roll of stickers can be peeled off and pasted on a drawing book to create a great artwork

Masks Craft

These fun and colorful masks are not easy to make but after creating the masterpiece, it can be used to indulge in pretend play or role play.  Kids can utilize a pencil to draw the shape of the mask on the paper plate or a big and strong paper to get a good shape.  The face should be used to draw the shape and size of the masks which should be large enough to accommodate the facial features of the kid. To create a masterpiece from this craft, cut out the mask and the eye-holes and to get symmetrical holes, the plate should be folded in half lightly to cut along the outlines.

The mask can be painted or decorated using the sketch pens, paints, glitter or any other type of coloring materials and so on.  The mask can be placed on a newspaper, another paper plate or a hard surface to avoid a mess and get the paints well dried. After this, holes can be created on either side of the masks so that the ribbon can be fit into it and tied at the back of the head.  Above all, kids can pretend to be diverse characters using the mask.

Popsicle Stick Bee Craft

 Bumblebees are cute like kids and this is a craft they can easily make. All that is needed is Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, milk jug wings, and some yellow and black paint to make this craft. To start, 7 mini Popsicles stick together by using an eighth stick across the back and painted yellow and black. After drying, they are glued together. Kids can draw out the wing shapes onto the plastic and cut them out to have two pairs for each Popsicle stick bee. We made one large pair and one small pair. The black pipe cleaner is cut into 4 pieces and curls over the ends to make the antennae.  The pipe cleaners are glued onto the back of the bee and some fun googly eyes onto the front. Finish off, the wings are also glued.

Origami Bookmark Craft

 This craft is fun for kids who are voracious readers. So, they can create adorable origami bookmarks to encourage reading habits.  The corner bookmark is easy to make as it only requires folding the paper into five folds. A square sheet of colored paper (15 cm) can be folded from the bottom-left corner up to the top corner and glued in place and the same can be done with the right corner. A construction paper to create different features like eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and so on, and glued onto the bookmark.

DIY Stamp Craft

Kids love playing with stamps and can have endless fun creating the stamps. They can use these DIY stamps anywhere, like printing on paper, greetings, and so many more. What they need include the following: Bottle caps, Foam, Blank paper, Paint or ink, Glue, and others.

 Shapes, such as a flower, star, moon, heart, tree, etc., can be drawn on the foam and cut out. The cut-out foam shapes can be pasted on the top of the bottle cap using glue. The bottle cap from the foam side is dipped into the paint slightly and the cap is stuck on the blank paper. Different colors can be used to get a vibrant painting.

Clipboard Craft

Little kids enjoy making this clipboard to hang on the wall or door or use in any form of decoration. The clipboard is like a mini notice board where they can leave them messages or quotes or clip on notes and things to remember or paste things important to them such as certificates, photographs, and reminders. The items needed include: A Plain Wooden A4 Clipboard, Blackboard Paint, empty film canister or other small container, Masking Tape, Patterned Paper or Scrapbooking or wrapping paper, Hot Glue and Glue Gun, Clothes Pegs or Bulldog Clips, Small Notepad and Ribbons, Stickers for decoration.

Image: Clipboard Clipart

 The masking tape is used across the clipboard about 2/3 of the way down and the bottom 1/3 of the clipboard is painted with the blackboard paint. The masking tape is removed to reveal a nice straight line after the paint dries off. The film canister is glued to the side of the clipboard using hot glue and each side is decorated using ribbons and stickers.  The notepad is secured under the clip to derive a cool clipboard.

Water Bottle Flowers Craft

Flowers are a beautiful part of any decoration and kids can make some cute flower crafts from water bottles. This cute bunch of flowers can be made out of the water bottle bottoms with paint, green straws, and pom poms to make them look good, cute and adorable.   The water bottles are cut to remain only at the bottom and dried completely. The straws are trimmed to the desired