Do You Want to Pass CCIE Exam Quickly?

Five Steps to Help You Become an Internet Expert

Taking the Certification Examinations is the only way for a considerable number of people to seek career development. But there are many certificates in the market. Which one should you choose? According to my own understanding and experience, I have made a five-step plan for those who are interested in the development of Network Management and Design, which is of great reference significance to you.

Although there are some comments like “Certifications are not worthwhile” in the society, for the vast majority of people, it would be very hard if we don’t have a certificate. In foreign countries, every additional certificate will bring an increase in salary. Although the salary level in China is not as high as that in foreign countries, it is also considerable compared with other domestic industries. Therefore, if we can reasonably plan the study and examination of some certificates, we can not only learn comprehensive and systematic knowledge, but also easily find a working environment which is suitable for our talents.

In terms of Network Management and Design, I have designed a Five-step Certification Plan according to my own experience, which I believe will be beneficial to you.

Step 1: It Won’t Be Unfamiliar through MCSE Network

As the first step towards the certification examinations, it is recommended to study and pass the MCSE (System Engineer) of Microsoft WIN2000. Having MCSE Certificate indicates that you have been able to design, implement, maintain and support Information Systems, and can use Microsoft Server Network Operating System and Integrated Products of BackOffice Family in various environments.

If you have more than one year’s experience in WIN2000 management, application and practice, you can pass the exam in 3 ~ 6 months. Although the examination fee of Microsoft increased in 2002 and there are many subjects, it is easy to find the experimental environment for the contents involved in most subjects. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain this certification first.

Step 2: Obtain CCNA and Launch Comprehensive Network Contact

The preparation for Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate[ link 2 ]) Certification Examination is expected to take 6 ~ 12 months. Although the examination content is only one course, it has some depth compared with Microsoft’s courses, and it is not easy to find an experimental environment. It is generally recommended to use the software of the simulator to carry out the simulation test on the computer first. If you have a chance at work, you can contact the specific operation of Cisco Routers. I’m really not sure. You can take part in some training institutions with good laboratory environment, read more English materials and communicate more in relevant forums, which is conducive to preparing for the CCNA Certification Exam.

Step 3: Get CNA / CNE to Be a Master in Network Management

With two certifications, if the working environment is not suitable for continuous learning, you can work in a unit which is closely related to the above skills. In the specific work, practice and enrich your own experience, and lay the foundation for obtaining CCNP. But if you want to learn more about the network, the next step is to get Novell Network Certification.

Although the Novell Certification is not very popular in China, and its products do not occupy a lot of shares in China, Novell’s courses are based on a variety of platforms, the teaching materials are also quite refined, and the lecturer has a specially prepared lecturer book. The curriculum is set up step by step, logically and scientifically. It can integrate the knowledge points you have learned in MCSE and CCNA, and broaden and enrich your technical vision. Its huge certification system has been widely recognized all over the world.

With the experience of MCSE and CCNA, it is not difficult for you to obtain Novell CNA (Novell Certified Network Administrator) and CNE (Novell Certified Network Engineer). Because most of the knowledge points have been involved before, and there are some exempted subjects, it is estimated that 6 ~ 10 months is enough. If you are interested, you can also consider the study or certification examination of Integrated Wiring of AMP and UPS of APC, which is a supplement to your Network and Surrounding knowledge.

Step 4: Get CCNP and Be a Senior Network Expert

At this time, Microsoft’s MCSE Test may have been upgraded. If you like, you can spend 3 ~ 6 months to upgrade this test. At the same time, if necessary, it’s better to obtain MCSD (Development Expert) or MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator). If you are satisfied with your working environment and don’t plan to change your job in a short time, you can also skip the upgrade exam. The next thing to be considered is the Cisco CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Examination. The preparation time is 12 ~ 24 months, in which practical work experience is required.

It needs to pass more examination subjects to obtain CCNP, whose difficulty has increased a lot. You need to study and experiment carefully. Although we don’t recommend you recite test questions, it’s helpful to read more test questions before the test. If you urgently need to obtain this certificate to choose a more challenging position, you might as well conduct each experiment after obtaining the certificate and having a new working environment to enrich and consolidate your knowledge and skills. Of course, if you don’t have any CCNA work experience, even if you get the CCNP Certificate by reciting the test questions and finding someone to take the test on behalf of you, it won’t be of much use to you. Because you are not competent for CCNP at all.

Step 5: Obtain CCIE to Give You a Bright Future

The next thing you need to obtain is the best certification in the network industry, Cisco CCIE (Cisco Certified Network Expert[ AICI/HERE ]).

Looking back, you will find that 3 ~ 5 years have passed, and the ups and downs are worth remembering, but the improvement of personal skills brings you more fun in the learning process. While learning CCIE Tutorial, you might as well learn Novell’s MasterCNE course at the same time, and obtain this certification as an ornament (this certification is also very difficult for ordinary people, but you are already CCNP, so you may not think so). Because the examination content of this certification involves AS / 400, UNIX, NT, etc. It is of great help to the synthesis and balance of knowledge. With the changes of the working environment, I believe you will contract with SUN’S Operating System a lot. With the increasing familiarity with the above systems, if time and energy permit, you can also consider SUN’S CSA and CNA Certification. If you have plenty of time and energy, you can obtain the AS / 400 Certification of Unix and IBM together, which will play a certain auxiliary role in your work.

In fact, by this time, your network knowledge and skills have been very rich. You are an expert in the IT industry. If you are interested, you can even consider compiling and publishing Monographs on the Network. Look through the textbooks you used to get your certificates. It was written by such a person.

CCIE Certificate is considered to be the top passport in the global network industry, and Cisco recently increased the difficulty of the exam to limit the number of CCIE. If your goal is to devote yourself to the network technology industry, work hard without complaint or regret!