How to Extend your E-bike

1. Charge New E-bike Batteries for Long Hours (12 Hours) Before Use

There’s always the excitement that comes with buying a brand new electric bike. You’re tempted to go for a ride right away but that isn’t the best move if you want your battery in good condition. The first and vital thing you should do is charge your electric bike for 12 hours. Electric bikes are usually shipped for long distances and the battery goes unused for a long time. In some cases, this causes the battery to develop a negative or faulty charge or at worse causes a rapid battery degradation. However, with a long first charge before use, you effectively flush out the battery system, making sure it is properly charged. The initial charge is also a good way of verifying if you’ve acquired a good and working battery. If your battery continues to give some problems after charging for 12 hours, it’s evident you have a faulty battery. Return such a battery and ask for a replacement.

2. Don’t Overcharge, and Don’t Fully Discharge your Battery

As mentioned earlier, Lithium batteries power most eBikes. And while these batteries are known to be strong and durable, they do degrade with repeated and constant charging. Hence, there’s a need to know how to properly charge your electric bike. One key thing to note is that your eBike battery will last longer if you maintain a proper charging zone. Charging a Lithium battery from empty to full capacity hits hard on your electric bike battery. A full discharge of your battery reduces its hold charge which results in a diminished capacity. Therefore, it’s best to keep your battery at least 20% charged. Ideally, you should stop using your bike as soon as it drops below 30%. You also don’t want to be recharging your battery past 85%. By keeping to this range, you will effectively maximize your battery life. Above all, you won’t have to sacrifice your bike’s performance and energy capacity while riding your eBike.

3. Be Mindful when Using Boost Mode

A lot of electric bikes are equipped with the boost mode feature. An interesting feature we must say! The boost mood helps riders to rapidly accelerate to the motor speed cap in a matter of seconds. While this is cool and helps save time, the boost mode drains your eBike battery quickly. Not just that, the boost mode can also reduce the lifespan of your battery. To extend the lifespan of your electric bike battery, the boost mode should not be used too often. However, for many bikers who are speed junkies, they will have to choose between their eBike’s battery life or making full use of the boost mode. The choice is yours!

4. Make Sure you Have Bike Fender

Fenders will protect your bike’s battery from rocks, mud, moisture, and excess dirt, all of which can contribute to the damage of your eBike battery. Clearly, bike fenders won’t extend your overall battery life, but they ensure you will be using your battery for many years. With fenders, most of the dirt, rocks, and debris that might damage your battery won’t be able to do so. As a result, make sure you install fenders on your commuting bike if your bike doesn’t already have them.

5. Reduce Your eBike Weight

The heavier your bike frame, the more people you ride with, and the more cargo you transport, the more your battery will have to work. The heavier the load on your electric bike, the more your battery will have to work to power your bike’s operation. To this end, reducing overall weight will lead to a better eBike range, which in turn leads to better operational battery life. To achieve this, you don’t have to remove every add-on or accessory from your bike. Just cut out the weight where you deem fit. Reducing your eBike weight will surely enable you to use your electric bike for many trips and adventures.

6. Hibernation

If you won’t be using your electric bike for a few months like during the winter, you must store your battery right. First, you need to find a fire-safe location where you can safely store your electric bike battery at the right charge level. It’s essential you don’t leave your battery flat and empty before storage. Hence, we recommend you maintain your battery charge at 50% capacity before storage. Note that the battery will self-discharge over time, thus, ensure you check the charge level at intervals and recharge up to 50% if needed.


When it comes to handling electric bike batteries, there’s always the need to be cautious. Most especially if you want to make the most out of their battery and operational life. Even though the Lithium battery is built to be durable, it is still liable to the same inadequacies as other batteries. But with a little bit of maintenance, care, and proper charging, the eBike battery will last you for a very long time!