More than just a voice translator: meet Vasco Electronics

In our everyday life, we hear many foreign languages. May it be at work, when we work with software and data in English, when it’s not our first language or carrying out conversations with colleagues from abroad.

We tend to need audio translator also while traveling, pursuing our hobbies or just watching our favorite TV show. More and more, we find ourselves in situations where Google Translate is not enough to make sure we understand speech, text or to get better at writing.

Could a real time translation device be an answer? Vasco Electronics offers a universal translator that you can take anywhere, and translate voice, text and photos to target language with just one push of a button. 

Let’s take a look at the perks that a translation device can bring.

Save time with a voice translator

Nowadays, there is a big trend of learning languages, but it’s not always the best way. Why is that?

A student is tired and falls asleep on the pile of books.

Pain of fluent speaking

Well, the vast majority of people just aren’t quick learners when it comes to languages. Some may grasp grammar of a new language very easily, but some will take more time.

This is true especially when it comes to learning a spoken foreign language. Even simple dialogue with short sentences in Chinese is a big challenge for a person whose main language is English. Even the simpler languages like Italian, German or Spanish come with many dialects, so learning to communicate with its country citizens is a big pain.

Learning languages is a complex and lengthy process that requires a lot of exercise and practice. Making this a habit requires a lot of time and energy: and both are precious resources.

        Country flags are held by several hands.

There are thousands different languages in the world

Finally, it’s simply impossible to learn all popular languages. No matter how gifted you are or how much time you put into the learning process: there’s no point in trying to know it all. You may use great language software or find many text sources, but it will help you with one language and not with all of them.

The solution is simpler than you think

And that’s why translation devices are so practical. You have access to several languages at once, and audio translation makes sure that you understand and speak at the same time.

To give an example, Vasco Electronics offers different translation devices that come with 76 languages. Once you buy one of them, you can speak of them with no further costs for one account.

Wherever you go, you can speak the language of your choosing: French, Italian, Spanish, German but also Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Arabic. And much, much more!

              A man and the woman are talking at lunch with Vasco Translator M3.

Practical in all situations: universal translator

But how to find a truly universal audio translator? In the end, there’s more to foreign language than just speech, and there are situations where an audio translator might not be enough.

Why is a pocket translator worth it

Everyone can think of at least one situation when they needed more than just audio/speech and text translation service.

Vasco Translator M3


For example, when traveling, we don’t want to spend time to type the text from the signs, timetables and menus. We want it to be faster and to feel comfortable when ordering in the target language.

Vasco Translator M3 lies on the pile of work notebooks.


At work, on the other hand, it’s important to get along on the phone or via chat when speaking different languages. How many times we didn’t understand something because of poor sound of some voice recording? Even the source language English can not guarantee that we will understand everything, especially if it’s not our first language.

Of course, you can download free version of some translation But let’s be honest, their quality is not enough to help us with this task. The microphone in our mobile devices is usually not very precise and speaker’s voice might be too quiet. An offline retro device is also not enough to make sure that the translation service is done well, because in order to translate voice, the features and data must be up-to-date.

Luckily, there is a universal audio translator that can help with that all.

A man with a Vasco Translator M3 in hand takes a picture of a timetable.

Understand what you see

Just as in the example above, let’s say you travel abroad and want to order at a restaurant that doesn’t offer an English menu. Or even more so, you rush through the crowded station, not understanding the signs you see.

A voice translator won’t be enough, but there is a language translator that can work not only with voice or text, but also with words on the pictures.

Vasco Translator M3 is equipped with a camera, so you can take a picture and translate it immediately. Now you can finally order delicious food in French or Spanish rural restaurant!

Feel comfortable with mobile calls

Almost any translation device comes with audio translator, but it doesn’t necessarily mean support for the audio mobile calls.

Vasco Translator M3 is a voice translator that can get you through your mobile calls easily with two-way translation. What’s more, this feature lets each person on the call know when it started to translate, so there are no parts of the conversation that go unclear.

Having a call with a relative abroad or a foreign supplier at work? Now you can speak and translate with no issues with communication thanks to this universal translator. That’s one way to get rid of language barriers!

Last but not least, the translated audio can be transcribed into text and sent to you via email.

Chat with everyone in your own language translator

Imagine a group chat with employees all around the globe that speak with no miscommunication. Sounds impossible?

M3 offers much more than just audio translations. You can use its app MultiTalk and speak with up to 100 people around the globe. What’s more, there’s no need for all of you to have the translation device. Just download Vasco MultiTalk app on your phone and enjoy the translated text chats.

Speak, translate and text with no additional costs

What’s even mire important, this device comes with a free lifetime Internet access. It means that translations don’t need Wi-Fi to be executed. The in-built SIM card makes sure that you can download translated data in almost 200 countries in the world.

Translate text, audio and photos on your travel, and don’t worry, because this service will always be free!

Five people are holding Vasco Translators, smiling.

Conclusion: is translation device a good idea?

No doubt, the era of globalization has created many new opportunities, also in the field of translating. Traveling is much easier than it used to be, but it also means you have to speak in many languages. To enhance your communicating, you need to translate much more voice and text than ever before.

And it’s better to be prepared than not! Whether you want to translate audio to speak and communicate, or to translate with text and photo features, it’s a good idea to grab a Vasco universal translator.