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Types of Tourism in Egypt

The tourism industry remains one of the main sources of national income for any tourist country like Egypt and as a result, the Egyptian Authorities always pay great attention to developing the tourism sector. What makes Egypt is the best-known tourist destination in the Middle East is that it has a magnificent history, a timeless civilization of more than 5000 years with a huge variety of an endless number of antiquities, artifacts, and monuments. The Ancient Egypt Civilization has many hidden secrets which need to be revealed and that’s why, Many thousands of tourists from all over the world enjoy Egypt tours each year to impress how the Pharaonic ancestors had constructed their massive glorious pyramids, temples, tombs, and many more of their heritage and how these ruins remain till today. Not only Egypt’s monumental sites but also Egypt’s blissful climate throughout the whole year and its geographical location in the middle of the area make Egypt the first top destination listed in the travel plans of most travelers and adventurers.

Another advantage for travel and adventure lover that never be found in any other country rather than Egypt is that Egypt combines numerous types of tourism that will meet all the requests of the travel lovers and satisfy all the desires. The most common type of tourism in Egypt is of course the cultural tourism or as it’s named the historical tourism which is related to visiting the ancient monumental destinations and observe the timeless treasures of the ancestors. In addition, there are many other types that encourage travelers to select Egypt to be his/her tip-top destination such as religious tourism, recreational tourism, medical tourism, desert tourism, eco-tourism, and diving and sea activities tourism and let’s explain the major types in details.

Cultural Tourism

In order to understand the true meaning of cultural tourism, you will need to travel to Egypt since Egypt is one of the few countries in the world where you can enjoy this type of tourism at the most. The main target of the cultural tourism is to visit the best renowned monumental sites and this means that it’s related to the ancient history that’s why Egypt is believed to be the best place to practice this type where you will experience the most impressive historical spots in the world. A majestic 5000 year-civilization established on the banks of the Nile River in the very early centuries had inherited very precious treasures and relics including the widely known three pyramids of Giza which are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. These significantly structured pyramids which were built during the reign of the 4th dynasty for the kings Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure, are located at Giza Plateau alongside the great massive statue of Sphinx and the Valley Temple. Continue at Giza and impress Saqqara Step Pyramid; another wonder of the world since it’s the first step pyramid in the world and it had been constructed during the ruling period of King Djoser. The last destination you can witness in Giza is Memphis City; the ancient capital of Egypt and it contains a number of the enchanting temples and tombs of thousands of years. Moving to Cairo, the capital and most famous city in Egypt where you will find yourself among a large selection of historical sites just like the Egyptian Museum; the center of the ancient Egyptian antiquities and relics which contains over 200,000 relics and it’s the home of the marvelous collection of King Tutankhamen. Still in Cairo, you will be taken to the biggest and oldest market in the Middle East located in the historic district in Cairo where you will be among the skillful craftsmen, have the ability to buy foods, clothes, and souvenirs, and enjoy the ancient Egyptian traditions at the local restaurants and cafes. Also, Cairo is full of Islamic and Coptic historical attractions which will be indicated in religious tourism.

Traveling to another touristic city in Egypt, you will watch the allure and glamour of Alexandria city on the Mediterranean Sea. What makes Alexandria is a special destination is that it’s a priceless mixture of the Pharaonic and Roman monuments. In Alexandria, you will be in the presence of the Citadel of Qaitbey; it’s one of the most remarkable sightseeing in Alexandria which was constructed in the 15th century to defend the city against the attacks of the Ottomans. Another site is Alexandria Library; the house of millions of books in addition to the Pompey’s Pillar, the Catacombs, and much more of the historical sites in the coastal city of Alexandria.

In Upper Egypt, there are two other eminent monumental destinations; the first city in Luxor where the ancient kings had established the most fascinating temples and tombs of many thousands of years, and the most famed sightseeing in Luxor city is Karnak Temple is one of the most distinctive temples in the world, it contains thousands of statues and relics inside. In addition to Karnak Temple, you will step into Luxor Temple, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings and Queens, and Medinet Habu Temple.

Along the Nile River, you will head down to the Nubian city of Aswan where your dreams come true among the incomparable historical attractions just like the Abu Simbel Temples of the great king Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari. Moreover, you will be taken to Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple as well as Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples.

Religious Tourism

Egypt is the house of the heavenly religions where people of different beliefs had met and lived together for many years and as a result, the land of pharaohs had gathered all the dominations. So, if you are fond of religious tourism, Egypt is a suitable destination that will satisfy your needs with a very wealthy religious background. Let’s divide the Egyptian religious attractions into:

Islamic Attractions:

Egypt is an Islamic country so most of Egypt rulers in the Islamic Empire pay great attention to building a lot many more of the Islamic attractions and most of the Islamic landmarks at this period had taken the structure of the mosque and here is a list of the most historically renowned mosques in Egypt:

  • Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque
  • Al Azhar Mosque
  • Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque
  • Sultan Hassan Mosque
  • Al Refaie Mosque
  • Mohammad Ali Mosque
  • Al Hakim Mosque
  • Sayyida Zeinab Mosque

Note: All these mosques are located in different districts inside Cairo.

Another structure of the Islamic landmarks is the castles and citadels which were mainly built to defend the country against the attacks of the enemies and here are the most common citadels in Egypt:

  • Salah El-Din Citadel
  • Citadel of Qaitbey in Alexandria
  • Aqaba Castle
  • Al Arish Castle

Coptic Attractions

There are also a number of the Christian and Coptic landmarks in Egypt which attract tourists and adventurers from all over the world just like:

  • The Hanging Church
  • St Mary Church
  • Church of Abu Serga
  • Church of the Holy Virgin
  • Church of Saint Menas
  • St Catherine Monastery

And in Egypt, there are also some historical sightseeing related to the Jewish just like Ben Ezra Synagogue, Mount Sinai, and the Jewish Alley or as it’s called in Arabic “Haret AL Yahood” which gathered hundreds of the Jewish and it’s still in existence till now.

Medical Tourism

If you are one of whom they have troubles in bone, muscles, or skin, it’s advisable to come to Egypt since Egypt is one of the recognizable places that have natural oasis and mineral water which is considered an effective cure for a lot of diseases. Also, some sandy spots on the Red Sea are classified as a curing center for some of the bone and muscle aches and in this case, you will be treated by sitting in the sands.

Among the best known medical tourist centers in Egypt are Helwan, Sinai, Hurghada, Ain El Sira, Al Ain Sokhna as well as the Oasis just like:

  • Bahariya Oasis
  • Farafra Oasis
  • Nasser Wells
  • Sands of Safaga

Recreational Tourism

Egypt is the best recreational spot in the world that’s why it’s located on the shores of the Red Sea, Suez Gulf, Aqaba Gulf as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, if you are one of the recreational or sea lovers, you will reach the maximum limit of joy and relaxation in Egypt. You will enjoy the pure crystal waters of the Red Sea and the charming coastal beaches in many tourist cities just like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, El Gouna, Dahab, and Al Ain EL Sokhna. In these cities, you will impress the beauty of the Red Sea through some of the marvelous water activities such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving onboard well-equipped boats, and accompanied by a highly qualified instructor. Another activity you will experience there is to ride a quad bike for a marvelous desert safari trip, take some photos, and explore the wonders of the Egyptian deserts. Swimming in the pool and relaxing over the sands of the gorgeous coastal beaches are other options you can try while you are on the Red Sea. Book Egypt Vacation or Luxury Nile Cruise Now.

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