Few Things to Consider Before You Install an Irrigation System

Many of you must be looking for a lush green lawn in the backyard of your home. You must have made enough effort to achieve the seemingly unattainable goal and quite tired of pulling out your hose and sprinkler. Also, many of you must be living in a place, where hardly it rains.

In all such conditions, a proper irrigation system will be the right option for you. Before you start looking for a proper irrigation system, it will be better to do a little bit of research so that you may make informed decision and properly understand exactly what are you up to?

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If you have concluded that you must install a proper irrigation system in your yard, the following are a few important things that you must consider before undertaking this project.

Choose proper sprinkler heads

For the irrigation system, you may get many different types of sprinkler heads. You need to select proper combination of sprinkler heads. This will of course depend on the lawn size and also how much exposure to the sun you are getting on the lawn.

Also, you need to consider whether you will be watering grass, flowers, or shrubs. Although it is not necessary that you have to be an expert in all the options, however, it is important that you must have some basic knowledge so that you may ask good questions while shopping around for any best irrigation system.

Most sprinkler systems have heads, which will spray water over the entire area. They will be best for spots where you have a low-growing plant of a single type such as lawns or any areas with groundcover, as the sprinkler heads will provide uniform coverage.

You must choose drip irrigation systems for those areas, where you have mixed plantings of different shrubs and perennials. That is because a drip system can provide a slow drip of water particularly at the base level of each plant. You can also tailor-made the system for the needs of any individual plants.

Those plants that need more amount of water can be offered more water, while if there are water-conserving plants then you can provide a little water.

Choose your irrigation systems

So far as irrigation systems are concerned, there are two types of irrigation systems available:

  • Pump
  • Metered water

A pump system will draw in water from any nearby lake or pond and distribute it to your landscape. In case you have got access to any water source, then you need not pay for additional water usage.

However, with a metered system, your water will be delivered through the utility department of your city. Therefore, you will find an increase in the monthly water bill.

Excavating the yard

You also need to consider a certain amount of excavation too. There are a few special machines and plows available to dig trenches and can minimize damage. Besides, the right type of landscaping company will ensure that any disturbed turf is suitably replaced so that your lawn will return to its normal stage as soon as possible.

Often installing an irrigation system may be a little complicated and hence ensure that the job should be over right the first time. Therefore, your success will depend upon hiring the right company for your project. So, you need to do proper research while choosing your company.