How Does Escape Room Help In Corporate Team Building?

Team building helps build morale among employees in a company. Staff meeting icebreakers, evening dinners, or weekend retreats, are some of the ways that create engagement among employees. Escape games are exciting, adventurous, and thrilling activities.

They are seen to be one of the great team building ways that help in team-building and boosts productivity in the company. Let us see more about the advantages of organizing escape games in a corporate.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

This game puts an employee in a challenging and engaging situation. It requires focus, and critical thinking to solve the problem instantly and pass the challenge successfully. Escape room games instil quick thinking ability among players to figure out instant solutions to issues that they may come across in their routine jobs.

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Improves Communication

Another important benefit of playing an escape room game is that it provides the opportunity for employees to effectively listen and communicate with each other to solve the issue. The game involves teamwork to solve puzzles, find clues and decipher codes.

This is only possible by connecting, communicating, and updating each other during the game. Through this game, employees learn to communicate effectively, which results in smoother execution of workplace tasks. The games foster a sense of camaraderie among the members of the team.

Helps in Roles Assignment

Escape rooms are beneficial in defining and assigning roles within the team. The team performance depends on the cooperation and contribution of individual players in the team. While playing the game, the participants analyse their strengths and how they can contribute best to the organization.

This realization aids in the identification of the most appropriate role for them i.e., critical thinkers, leaders in the organization. It also helps in helps in forming better and successful teams.

Improves Productivity

Escape games are exciting and entertaining. Almost every employee would love to play this game. It comes in a variety of theme that makes it attractive for every age group.

Besides a source of entertainment, these games boost the morale, enthusiasm, and drive of the employees. High morale at the workplace translates to the efficient and fast accomplishment of work.

In this way, it leads to greater productivity in jobs. The feeling of working in close co-operation to achieve a common objective gets carried over into the corporate world. This helps in the creation of an atmosphere that leads to high levels of productivity.

Better Relationships

Escape room games need constant and clear communication among participants. They have to work together, trust, and depend on one another to achieve the common mission. These are also the qualities that help develop better relationships among the members. These games instil a sense of familiarity among players.


Escape rooms are a powerful tool that inculcates company values, boosts morale, and increases engagement among employees in a fun-filled way. These games are excellent tools to motivate employees and enhance their productivity.