Top 20 Helpful Activities for Kids During Covid-19 Lockdown

During the Covid-19 lockdown days, both adults and kids are getting bored. If you want to get out of that feeling, you can do following 20 fun activities with your kids to keep the boredom away.

  1. Learn New Languages

In order to make kids still productive during the Coronavirus quarantine, you can invite them to learn new things. For example, learning new languages. Kids are mostly attracted to learn something new that they have not known yet. You can make your kids learn new languages in a fun way. Such as from games, movies, videos, and more. This way, your kids will know that there are many other different languages.


  1. Watch Some Cartoon Movies

Some media companies broadcast cartoon movies during the quarantine so that kids will have fun watching it. If they did not have time before to watch their favorite cartoon movies due to a busy school schedule, now they can utilize the quarantine time to watch them. This way, kids will not get bored during the social distancing, at least for a while. As parents, make sure you still accompany your kids when they watch cartoon movies. Make sure the movies have moral values and lessons for them.

  1. Taking Some Coloring Pages

Give your kids coloring pages to keep them busy and fun during the quarantine. Besides fun, coloring can also sharpen your kids’ creativity. You can also give them drawing pages as well.

  1. Learn to Sew Masks for Healthcare Workers

Due to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus, masks become a rare thing. Masks are difficult to find and buy now. Some healthcare workers do not even have it with them. On the other hand, they need masks the most since they are in the front line against the virus. So, ask your kids to learn sewing masks to help the healthcare workers. Let’s help each other.

  1. Bake together

Cookies, cakes, brownies. Anything! Baking is a great lesson in measuring, ingredients, and of course, making delicious goodies.

  1. Join or Start A Book Club

Lead your kids to love reading more by asking them to join a book club or start a new one. By joining a book club, kids can discuss and share interesting and fun books to read. They can also meet new friends in the club.

  1. Write Actual Letters to Family and Friends

During the quarantine, kids cannot meet their friends. If they miss their friends, you can ask your kids to write a letter to their friends. This way, kids can also improve their writing skills. They can also express their true feelings through the letter.

  1. Virtual Chat with Long-Distance Friends

Besides writing letters, kids can also have virtual chatting with their long-distance friends by using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and so on. This way, they can directly chat with their friends.

  1. Learn how your home’s systems work

What fuels the furnace? How does air conditioning work? Where does the water come from? What happens to things flushed down the toilet?

  1. Play Games

Kids always love playing games. During the COVID-19 quarantine, kids can spend quality time with their families by playing some fun games. Such as hide and seek, puzzles, and more. Kids can also try to play a pretend game to sharpen their imagination. They can pretend to be a doctor, chef, teacher, and so on.

  1. Practice Typing Skills

Another activity to add and improve another skill. Kids can try to practice typing skills. This way, it is hoped that their typing skills will be better. For example, typing with 10 fingers.

  1. Tell A Story As A Family

Story-telling is also a fun activity for kids to do during social distancing. Encourage your kids to tell an interesting story. Or, they can tell their own story about the other family members. And other family members listen to the story. This activity is useful to train your kids’ public speaking skills.

  1. Do More Science

Do your kids love science so much? Then, you can practice some fun science at home with them. But make sure it is safe to do at home.

  1. Dance

Head over to YouTube and learn how to mambo, swing, waltz, tap and hustle your way through the day. Extra credit: Create your own dance.

  1. Have an indoor picnic

Grab a sheet, whatever food you have, and enjoy a living room picnic (without the ants). You can even play that memory game at the same time: “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing…” Each person takes turns remembering (in order) what everyone is bringing and then adds one thing each turn.

  1. Do Exercises with Parents

Do not use the quarantine as the reason to get lazy. Kids can work out and do some exercises with parents. This way, their body health can still be well-kept so that they will not easily get sick. In fact, we all should be healthy. So, our immune systems are strong and able to fight against the virus. Then, ask your kids to clean the sports equipment after they use one.

  1. Play Toys and Dolls

Kids usually have a lot of toys and dolls. So, they can play with them during the COVID-19 quarantine. Or, if they are already bored with their toys and dolls, you can ask them to clean and wash their toys. Kids always love playing with water, don’t they? This way, you can also teach them about hygiene and keep their toys clean.

  1. Play cards

Rummy, War, Go Fish, Solitatire, Uno, Old Maid… Any game you can think of!

  1. Learn adulting skills.

Show your kids how bills get paid, how checking accounts work and the power of compounding interest.

  1. Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are pretty easy and depending on how many items there are, could last a while. Hide anywhere from 10 to 20 items around the house or outside to keep kids occupied for a few hours.


We all know that it is uncomfortable to stay at home all the time. But, for the sake of our safety and health, let’s stay at home for a while and get fun by doing those fun activities above.

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