Guide for making perfect App Store Screenshots

Ok, so you are ready to present your awesome app to the world and to the App Store. Screenshots are the only visual elements that users see when they decide whether they should download the app or no. These pictures are extremely important to get the users interested in the product. Let’s see how to make them work.

App Store allows a maximum of five screenshots, as well as Google Play. If you think that is not enough, here are the statistics: 60% of users won’t see more than the first two. So, how can you make the most out of the first ones?

As you can see here, App Store cuts the second screenshot to provoke swiping. Here’s a tip: to enhance the urge to swipe, try using a panoramic screenshot gallery. Yes, splitting one design into two images, the thing that we hate so much on Instagram feed.

Image credit: Calm, Marco Polo

Here are simple steps you need to take to make a perfect App Store Screenshots:

1.       Decide on the messages that you want to convey.

The screenshots do not only serve to show fancy design. They are a great opportunity to explain to the users how your product will make their lives better. So, before even choosing the screens, think of the messages that you want to tell the users.

The first screenshot is about the main problem and how the app solves it. The rest will demonstrate the USPs (unique selling proposition), starting with the strongest one.

Image credit: Duolingo

2.       Choose the right screenshots.

Keep in mind coherence with the messages that you want to convey, but don’t sweat too much: nobody expects an image to speak on itself. If you struggle to pick five out of the dozens that you believe are important, follow these criteria:

  • Go for the screenshots with some compelling graphics and layout rather than the ones loaded with text.
  • Pick the ones that clearly show the visual style of the app, visible even in preview size
  • If you still have too many, choose the ones that are visually different one from another.

Image credit: Dropbox

3.       Add graphics. Here is where you can let creativity rule. However, there are some proven practices that work great on App Store:

  • Write your messages in a clear, short, and engaging way, keeping in mind the tone of voice of the product. Place no more than one message on each image. Make sure that the font size is big enough to be readable even in preview.
  • Use mockups. Screenshots look more real and professional on the latest model of iPhone (check if there wasn’t a new one released yesterday). If you don’t want to use a gadget mockup, you can get a similar effect by changing the perspective, placing screens in angle. Don’t worry about the size: the readability of the message is more important than the readability of the UX copy.
  • Add color. The minimalist monochrome design is great, but try to place it on the white background of the App Store and you’ll see that it needs a splash of color to capture attention. Mockups give us a great extra space for the solid bright background. If you don’t use mockups, color frames may help to separate blocks of white. No need to stick to the brand colors, here is your chance to go a bit wild.
  • Include other elements. Arrows, little details, emojis… Pick one or two elements to liven up the images.  Maybe there is a character or a distinct graphic element that is used in the design? You can place it on the side. Alternatively, you can use the app icon to add consistency to the images. Or try stickers, giving it the Instagram stories look (if that would fit your product). Everything that would make the images more visually interesting would work.

Take a look at this screenshot gallery designed for HabitSpace by Eleken:

Image credit: HabitSpace

4. Test the result beforehand.

First of all, check if the screenshots look good in preview size, as most of the users won’t enlarge them. Make sure that the text is readable in this size.

App Store does not let you change the screenshots in a moment. Updating the page of a product can take up to 9 days to be approved. Therefore, it is highly important to test the screenshots well and make sure this is the best option possible.

To sum up

Hope this guide will you to design effective visuals for the App Store page. Making screenshots for App Store is not like making regular screenshots. There is nothing too technical in the process, but don’t overlook any of these steps and tips. Make sure your design team is aware of all the nuances and knows how users watch screenshots.

Here is how we do it at Eleken design agency.

Do You Know Any Benefits Of Home Addition?

Whether you are living in your old home where you have been living for many years or you have recently purchased a new one, perhaps you want to create a special atmosphere that you will love and proudly call it a sweet home.

You can make your home great in several ways and home addition can also be one of the ways to make your home attractive and also enhance the value of your property. So, let us look at the various benefits of home additions.

You can contact Cedar Hills Contracting company who has got wide experience in taking up such projects related to home renovation Caledon. However, before you go for such a home addition, you must make sure that you have a sufficient budget available to you. There can always be a 10 to 20 percent overrun on your budgeted cost.

The following are a few benefits of any home addition.

  1. Helps to create your dream home

Home addition offers you an opportunity to create or modify the existing home in the way you feel comfortable for your living. This is the way you can increase the square footage area of your home.

  1. Offers you more space

Every home owner wants to have a little more space in their home, as in due course of time, your family may increase and you may need more space to accommodate many other essential items and such project can offer this opportunity.

  1. You can accommodate extra family members

There can always be a possibility of adding in the number of members in the family. Also, you can expect many of your guests and friends to stay with you to spend some time. A home addition can take care of that.

  1. You can create passive income by renting

Many of you may be looking for an additional regular income for you. Therefore by adding a few rooms, you can create a rental space for yourself so that you can get a regular income for yourself.

  1. Increase value to your home

Most homeowners assume that adding a little more space to your home can always raise the sale value of your home. Such an assumption can be both true and false too. You need to discuss with a real estate expert to know the market trends and accordingly, you must extend your home, if value addition is your aim.

  1. Home additions will be cheaper than moving

No matter what kind of home addition you may undertake, but it will surely be cheaper than moving to any new house. Besides that, moving home will come with the huge burden of packing, reorganizing, hiring movers, etc.

  1. Home additions can add to your luxury

Any home additions can also add luxury to your existing bathroom. You can add many new facilities in your kitchen and bathroom as well as in other rooms so that you can get the luxuries that you always wanted.

  1. Can add natural sunlight

You can design your new addition in such a way that you can get extra sunlight and that can be healthy for the household too.

Few Benefits of Renovating Your Existing Basement

Most of you must be having a house where there is an extra basement. There is a greater chance that your basement must be either lying vacant or you must be using the space as a dumping place to store all your unnecessary items of the household and rarely visit your basement.

In this way, you are wasting a very useful space of your home that can be utilized in several ways and can make this space a very useful area of your home. You can contact Cedar Hills Contracting, who can offer you several ideas of home renovation Woodbridge, and how you can make your existing basement a very beautiful and useful space.

The following are a few benefits that you can derive by taking up a renovation project on your existing basement.

  1. Your wasted space will be better utilized

Basement can provide an excellent space that can be used for creating any of the following useful facilities:

  • Space for gym
  • Library space
  • Bedrooms for your guests
  • Playroom for your kids
  • Recreation room
  • Office space
  • Better storing space
  • Media room
  • Add a few extra bedrooms.
  1. The best thing if your family is growing

If your family is growing or your kids are growing then they will need a special space for their study and many other activities. Your basement can offer you the best space and with little modification, you can get a very useful space for your family.

  1. Can increase value to your property

Your home’s value or the appraisal will be based on the square footage area of its finished area. When you will complete your basement renovation then the sale value of your home will get increased substantially. You will surely get a much better return on your investment.

  1. You can easily sell your house if need be

After finishing your basement renovation, your home will become more attractive for any prospective homebuyers and they will be ready to buy your house quite easily. A completely renovated basement will certainly add to your luxury. You too will not require much additional effort to sell your property.

  1. You can also rent it out for an additional income

Also, if want to use this space for rental purpose then you must do the renovation in such a way that you can easily rent to any family. This will offer you an opportunity to create an additional regular income from your unutilized space.

  1. You will increase an additional space

Typically, the size of the basements will be very close to your main floor’s size and hence you can almost double your space. Making your basement more habitable can not only increase the quality of your life at home but also make your home more attractive.

You can add a space for your entertaining, a nice playroom for your children, extra useful space for the regular workout that you always dreamed of, or another space for your relaxing so that you can stay away from all kinds of noise.

Some of the Brilliant Ideas for Stylish Bathroom Remodelling

Are you looking for new bathroom design ideas? Whether you want to make small upgrades, going for any full overhaul, or just trying to imagine from your desk, it can always make a great difference in your home with a bathroom renovation.

You can contact Cedar Hills Contracting who are experts in taking up projects related to home renovation North York and discuss few new ideas for the bathroom remodeling.

Here, in this article, we are offering a few brilliant ideas for your stylish bathroom remodeling.

  1. White modern bathroom

Whenever you will think about any modern and white bathroom then this kind of bathroom will come to your mind. Clean white lines and a few different organic touches will be needed.

The shower will disappear in the background because of continuous flooring and also wall tile throughout the bathroom.

  1. Small powder room

The pebble floor with a column in your walk-in shower has a little feel of a beach. Do you remember the last time while washing the salt on your skin by adding a little beach-inspired element to your bathroom? Start with pebbles that can be a great way!

  1. Modern bathroom via apartment therapy

In a powder room, white is not the only thing to be used. You can also dare to go dark with black painting, but don’t forget to include color with a little beautiful art! Black can always be classic and elegant.

  1. Beach style bathroom

Lots of white color with a little touch of green, plenty of light with bamboo roman shade – all these can work together and make a nice, and refreshing bathroom.

  1. White bathroom having green accents T

The soft blue-green color is good enough to bring a little joy. The clean lines, and simple shapes, with traditional touches of your faucet, can make your bathroom something that can stay classic for many years to come.

  1. Water views

This master bath was designed by an interior designer called David Netto and an architect called David Hottenroth of New York. This offers so much luxury that we are always ready to soak in the bathtub while also listening to the waves.

  1. Travertine and stone

Travertine wall panels with a geometric stone-tile floor can lend a very warm tone to your master bath of any Manhattan penthouse, also the vintage light fixture along with a collage-like feeling of the space.

  1. Small functional bathroom

This small bathroom can save your space with one pedestal sink as well as a bay walk-in shower. All the natural light that you get from the window will make the difference here. Also, the fun mosaic tile will add character and personality.

  1. Minimal spa bathroom

This bathroom having lots of open space is a great example to get that spa feel with all that is needed. By adding a simple freestanding tub, a refinished chandelier, and a classic marble countertop will offer this space all the necessary characteristics that it needs.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can get many intelligent ideas if you discuss them with a few remodeling experts.

What Makes a Merchant Account High Risk

Some industries are prone to have a business model that entails a higher risk factor for both chargebacks and fraud. Being high risk does make things difficult for the merchant, but it does not mean that they are certain to go out of business. Countless businesses are still functioning labeled as high risk. Some of them are even prospering and growing; therefore, being high risk is not the end of the world for a business. There are some complications, however. High-risk companies are lesser likely to receive loans and business insurance. Furthermore, they may also face hurdles in credit card processing.

For businesses that solely operate online, credit card processing is probably the only way to get paid. Therefore need for a merchant account, and a merchant service provider becomes necessary. For smaller businesses, it is possible to use payment service providers that do not require a merchant account to operate. But as the business grows, a payment service provider is not enough to handle all the business’s financial matters. Then comes the issue of dealing with a payment processor. Payment processors show bias towards more prominent firms that work at shallow risk. Such businesses are given much lower processing fees than ones with high risk in business. Merchant service providers take extra care to ensure that an account does not fall in the high-risk category before signing it up.

Being labeled as high risk can be very devastating for a business. Some high risk merchant services providers make sure that their marketing is particular to high-risk companies. For signing up, the trades are faced with outrageously high processing fees and binding contracts that pose a liability if ended early. Therefore, knowing what makes a business high-risk beforehand and avoiding unreasonable payment processors is very important for a business’s health.

Main features of a High-Risk Business

High-risk businesses pose a threat to all the institutions involved in their payment processing. Therefore banks, insurance companies, and credit card processors make sure to segregate them from their regular, low-risk accounts. There are multiple factors based on how the business is managed, determining whether it is high-risk or not. Some reasons are over-regulations by the government, having a history of defaulting loans, having to face regular chargebacks, and operating in a high-market saturation situation. But it isn’t just determined by the business whether it is high risk or not.

Some payment processors have specific standards determining whether or not an account is a high risk or not, while others may have them a little different. Some industries such as pornography and drug paraphernalia are inherently high-risk no matter which payment processor you choose. But for businesses that are not explicitly known to be high-risk, there is a chance that the payment processor that termed you high-risk may have stringent conditions for accounts that they deal with as low or normal-risk. You can check the websites of different high-risk merchant processors or contact them directly to know whether or not your business is in the high-risk category with them. Here are a few reasons why merchant services providers may consider a high business risk:

International Business Operating in the US

Offshore businesses have their headquarters in another country but sell to the US by having outlets or other methods. This poses a higher risk of scams or fraud to the customers in the US. An offshore business may be flagged as high-risk because of lenient regulations on companies in the country where the headquarters are located.

Questionable Legality of Products or Services

This is one of the most significant reasons why a business is called high-risk. The most obvious examples of this are businesses that deal in pornography and companies that sell drug paraphernalia. But several more businesses deal in products or services that are questionable.

High Frauds and Chargebacks

This reason for being flagged as a high-risk business may not have anything to do specifically with the company. Suppose a sector of the business industry has a high rate of chargebacks or fraud historically. In that case, there is a very high chance that your business will be termed high-risk as well. This is more because of the behavior of customers than of the company itself.

Personal Credit Score not on Par

This is another type of reason that is not directly linked to the business or its practices. Suppose the owner of a company has a lousy reputation in credit score or loan defaulting. In that case, your credit card processor can claim your business as high-risk.

Unorthodox Strategies of Sales and Marketing

A few businesses are often scams, and there is a wrong impression on people based on their experience with a few companies that had some similarity to yours. Therefore, based on people’s perception, the payment processor can see your business as one with a high-risk factor involved with it by your payment processor.

Expensive Ticket Sales

If a business allows high-cost purchases based on credit cards regularly, there is a chance your business can be termed as high risk as well.

Benefits of a High-Risk Merchant Account

All the reasons above are indicators that high-risk merchant accounts are troublesome. But despite the high fees, there are a few notable upsides as well.

Worldwide Opportunities

With a low-risk merchant account, transactions across the border can be complex as they are riskier. But with a high-risk account, you can trade with countries that are even considered high-risk, giving you a greater chance to expand your business worldwide.

High Protection against Chargebacks

Suppose a low-risk merchant account crosses 1% in chargebacks. In that case, they are often penalized by their merchant service provider or even have their account terminated. But with a high-risk merchant account, you get much greater protection against chargebacks as you pay more for it.

Expansion in Business

A high-risk account can sell products or services that are not generally allowed in low-risk accounts without any payment processor problems. This will enable you to expand your product line without issues as there is no restriction on the products you can sell.

More Profits

A more extensive line of products directly equates to more profits because of a wider variety of products.

How to write an academic paper

How to write an academic paper, research is one of the most complex and time-consuming assignments of study.

But it is of great importance at the same time, given that his mark constitutes a large part of students’ marks in various subjects.

Rather, many universities and institutes devote specialized courses on methodologies and methods of writing scientific research.

If you did not have the opportunity to enroll in these courses, or your study plan did not include it, then perhaps you are sitting staring at your white page without having the clue how to start writing your paper!

But do not worry, in today’s article we will summarize the most important steps for writing scientific research, in an easy and concise manner, that puts you on the right path in the field of academic writing (bestpfe offer over 7000 project topics ideas).

How to write an academic paper

First Step: Choose a topic

In many cases, the subject of the study is chosen by the subject teacher, but it also happens that the field is left open for the student to choose his research topic, and here it is necessary to use this opportunity wisely and choose the topic properly. Follow these tips when considering a topic for your research:

  • Find a topic that sparks your interest and fuels your enthusiasm and curiosity so that you don’t get bored while writing it.
  • Avoid choosing topics that are too specialized or too general.
  • Pose the issue as a question that needs an answer or as a problem that needs to be solved.
  • Talk about your topic with your classmates and consult your teacher about it before you start writing it.


Second Step: Identify the search problem

Before starting to write your paper, you must define the most important problem or issue around which your research will revolve.

Knowing the research problem will be for you as the road plan that reveals to you all the aspects and stations that you need to stop at in your research.

In order to correctly identify the search problem, be sure to follow these steps: Determine your current position in relation to previous research on the same topic.

Make sure that you choose the correct type of research that matches the problem you are posing, as there are three main categories of research as follows:

  • Argumentative research in which you discuss a specific topic before reaching a specific final conclusion.
  • An interpretative search in which specific information is indicated.
  • Analytical research in which data and information related to a case are analyzed.
  • Make sure the problem or issue you are raising is coherent and strong so that your research is strong.
  • Explain the research problem at the end of the first paragraph in the introduction to your paper.


Third Step: Research the topic you will be writing about

Before starting to write a paper, you must first research and browse the information around you.

Make sure to find reliable sources that serve as evidence and evidence to support your research case.

For the initial research process to be correct, stick to the following tips:

  • Read more about the topic your research is about, and get a comprehensive idea of ​​it.
  • Use the various available research sources, which can be classified as follows:
  • Library indexes, periodical indexes, bibliographies, and resources suggested by your instructor or research supervisor.
  • Primary sources and secondary sources.
  • Newspapers, books, and other documents of all kinds After reviewing the various sources available to you start evaluating them and taking notes about them for reference when needed.
  • Make sure to document your sources up-to-date using the authentication system specified by your supervisor (APA, MLA, Harvard).
  • Make sure to use the most recent version of the bibliography system, and make sure to write all sources and references to avoid falling into the trap of plagiarism.

Fourth Step: Layout your research well

It is time to collate all the information and data that you found by searching through the various references and sources.

Start by gathering and collating information using three basic systems:

  • System for archiving and arranging references.
  • A system for arranging research content based on its degree of importance.
  • A well-kept note-taking system for easy reference.
  • Do not lose sight of this step, without a clear outline of your research, you will not be able to focus, and you will find it very difficult to scrutinize and review the research and try to understand its ideas.


Think of the following questions as a first step in developing your research outline:

  • What is the research topic?
  • Why is this research important?
  • What information or issues exist today that are relevant to the research?
  • What is the primary research problem?
  • What is the best writing plan that allows me to achieve the desired goal of the research?

Fifth Step: Start writing your rough draft

You are 50% of the way to finalizing your research, and it is now time to start writing the draft version of your paper.

You now have a destination or primary goal that you want to reach, which is the problem of research, and you have a road plan that helps you reach this goal.

You must first choose the appropriate title for the search, which is a very important step, because the title is the first thing the reader sees, and he decides according to it whether he will continue reading the research or not.

So make sure that the title includes the most important keywords around which your research revolves, and that it is attractive and motivating. After the title comes the introduction, followed by the main research content, and then the conclusion.

Sixth Step: Review the search to reach the final version

After writing and completing your first draft, move to the amendment, revision, and correction stage, which will lead you to the final version of the paper ready for submission.

Where you can review and scrutinize your research in four stages or basic levels as follows:

  • The general level of organization: Ensure that all parts of the research are coherent and interrelated, starting from the introduction, through the research problem and its content, and ending with the conclusion.
  • Paragraph level: This includes the main ideas in each sentence, linking ideas together in one paragraph, mentioning appropriate details to clarify specific ideas, and using the joining tools to move between paragraphs smoothly.

6 Real World examples of Businesses implementing Ai in Ecommerce

If you want to see how you can implement these same systems for your small business, or want to learn about other ways AI can be implemented in ecommerce or retail, check out the full blog post over on We go in depth into how different Ai based systems can increase ROI or conversions for ecommerce stores and how you can build the same ones, as well as how real companies you know are implementing these systems.

Ai has continued to grow in the world of business and retail, and has enhanced and automated how alot of us interact and do business online. Gartner predicts that customers will have 85% of their relationship with businesses without interacting with a real person in the near future. Tools like facial recognition for fraud detection, chat bots to increase conversions, recommendation systems for products and many more are being implemented to push ecommerce stores forward. Lets take a look at some businesses already implementing these tools today.

Valyant Ai:

Valyant develops customer service tools that create a natural human interaction feel between human and computer. Valyant Ai has built a customized voice-based human like system that can be integrated into phone systems and mobile apps. They have even developed facial recognition tools to remember customers and what they ordered. builds intelligent customer service chat bots that are trained to focus on moving potential customers through a sales funnel. These chat bots are tailored to understand what spots in the funnel causes people to click away as well as when a customer gets frustrated, and moves them along with answers and tips. Understanding where your customers get lost in funnels is the key to optimizing your conversions. Check it out here.


Trendalytics uses data from twitter, instagram, and consumer shopping patterns to provide ecommerce stores with data analytics and insights they can use to increase conversions and sales, as well as brand awareness.

Fellow Robots:

Fellow has created an ai powered customer service robot it calls Navvi for retail stores. Its used for warehouse operations, product information questions, and location questions. Home improvement store Lowes has picked up the robot for a few locations and uses it to monitor inventory and assist customers.

3PM Marketplace Solutions:

3PM uses Ai algorithms to protect clients and customers from online fraud and counterfeiting on websites used for marketplaces. Its ML based algorithms learn how to tell fake items from real and contains a model trained just for that marketplace. This allows it to become better at what it does as it spends more time telling real from fake and training on new data. Amazon is currently using this tool on its own marketplace. is a conversion optimization tool built to increase the power of behavioral analytics tools like Hotjar or Plerdy. uses the heatmap and event map data provided by these tools and uses Ai and data analytics to optimize web pages and funnels for ROI, with data you already collect. They also provide ROI analytics for your funnel to understand what you need to improve to optimize different parts of your sales funnel, like CTA and headline text.

What is Dogecoin? Where to create wallet and buy and sell DOGE Coin? Should we invest in Dogecoin?

Cryptocurrencies used to be considered a “joke” in the Crypto market, but there has been a spectacular “breakthrough” in value in the past two months. So what is Dogecoin? What difference does it have? Where to create a storage wallet and buy and sell DOGECoin? Which Dogecoin exchange is reputable and safe? Should you invest in Dogecoin? Along with I Love Bitcoin find out and review this coin below.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin (symbol: DOGE) is an electronic currency or cryptocurrency that is built and developed on the foundation of Litecoin. Dogecoin was created based on the rather unique idea of the meme word “Doge”. Dogecoin virtual currency launched on the market very early on December 8, 2013, its coin creation speed is much faster than other digital currencies. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, by the end of 2014, there were nearly 100 billion DOGE in circulation on the market. After that, 5.2 billion coins will be generated each year. As of February 1, 2014, over 40 billion coins have been mined.

Dogecoin development history

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus – a programmer and former engineer working at IBM, in Portland, Oregon. He was initially experimenting with his own digital currency “Bells” based on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. He hopes the digital currency will reach other groups of users beyond the investors that created Bitcoin’s economy and not get involved in the controversy in the history of Bitcoin (Silk Road).

At the same time, his friend Jackson Palmer, a marketing officer at Adobe Systems in Sydney, Australia, and who originally came up with the idea of ​​Dogecoin, was told by a student at Front Range University via Twitter to make that idea come true. This led Palmer to meet Markus.

After being mentioned several times on Twitter, Palmer bought the domain, then showed it to Markus and quickly created a partnership between Markus and Palmer. Dogecoin was released shortly after Markus completed the Dogecoin wallet. Markus created Dogecoin based on Litecoin, which means it also uses the scrypt algorithm. The Dogecoin network initially had a limit of 100 billion coins.

How does Dogecoin work?

The way Dogecoin works is based on public password encryption. Each DOGE transaction address will have a personal password and a public password. Only a personal password is capable of decrypting the encrypted data associated with the public password, thus ensuring security even when public passwords are widely shared. Dogecoin addresses are 34 characters long and begin with the letter “D”.

Where is the safest place to create a DogeCoin coin storage wallet?

To create a Dogecoin wallet you can use “Dogecoin Wallet”, which is a wallet platform created by Dogecoin’s founding team to help users store DOGE easily and securely, currently available versions for for computers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and phones (new Android, iOS to be released in the future), you can download it here.

If you like convenience, fast and easy to use, DogeChain is the best wallet for you to store DOGE, this is a popular online web wallet platform.

In addition, Coinomi wallet is also a good and safe choice to store your DOGE coin and buy Doge, this is a mobile wallet service that supports a lot of Altcoin and different reputable tokens, Coinomi is a very popular wallet and is used by many investors around the world.

The following article will guide you as to how to create a Dogecoin wallet on your computer with a “Dogecoin wallet” for those who like to use Dogecoin’s own wallet. Remember to follow the Blog I Love Bitcoin to update.

Should I invest in DogeCoin?

As in other articles, in this section I will say my personal opinion, you should not consider this as investment advice, just refer and make your own decision whether to invest in Dogecoin or not. Although Dogecoin is in the top 20 largest coins in the market, I do not find it useful and in fact, Dogecoin price also fluctuates very erratically, which will be more suitable if you are trading, but personally, I will not invest in Dogecoin for long.

Ideas for Businesses to Identify Suitable Social Platform

Social media is a potential marketing method for businesses of various industries. However, each social platform has a unique set of users and a distinct way of interacting with the content. Businesses need to invest in an SMM panel to gather optimal results. Narrowing the choice to select fewer platforms enables brands to focus their efforts and gain maximum ROI.

Considering the Brand’s Nature

Brands need to be conscious if they belong to the Business-to-Customer or Business-to-Business category. Instagram and Facebook help in enhancing the visibility of the B2C Companies. Platforms like LinkedIn supports B2B businesses to target potential clients and build rapport.

Follow the Competitors

Brands need to research their top competitors. They need to check every social media page and view each post’s content, each post’s frequency, and how customers interact with the content. Once the businesses conclude their best performing social channel, they need to put maximum effort into the platform. However, before getting started on the platform, brands must set KPIs and goals to get astounding results.

Brand Advocates to Identify Appropriate Channels

Sometimes instead of focusing on a particular publishing platform, the digital marketing team should spend their time reaching ambassadors directly or through social platforms. The advocates receive more traction and enable brands to target their audience in an enhanced manner. They work on the appropriate social channel for the Brand.

Guidance from the Product or Service

When a small business begins with a social media strategy, it is essential to depend on activities that generate the maximum Rate of Interest. When choosing the content platform, brands need to consider their products and Services. For instance, businesses focussing on gathering professional and quality leads can post content on LinkedIn. Small businesses aspiring to reach younger generations can begin with Instagram.

Align with the Social Media Goals

For instance, Twitter is considered an active platform for customer feedback. Therefore brands can prioritize the platform to improve customer care. Also, brands in the hospitality industries need to be active on Instagram to exhibit their properties and offer visually appealing ways. Brands can succeed in social media marketing when they can align their business goals with the platform benefits.

Exploring the Audience

Brands can check with the user demographics on every social media platform to determine their suitable channel. Brands also need to consider the activeness of their target audience in the platform. For instance, though some customers have Facebook profiles, they will be more active on Instagram.


YouTube has an extensive reach, and it has crossed nearly billions of users. It has turned out as an incredible search engine, and most users search for” How To?” videos. This type of content is predominantly offered by service industries, and it works well on the platform.


Twitter is a potential platform to build brand awareness. The platform uses hashtags, which hosts conversations around the particular word. By exploring hashtags, brands can study what customers are discussing and craft their tweets to participate in trending conversations. Twitter offers remarkable insights on trending topics and also serves as a news outlet.


Facebook is an ideal platform for growing loyalty among the existing user base. The platform’s user population is more significant than that of China; it is an extensive network to build relationships and stay connected with old friends. Facebook may not be a suitable option for businesses trying to conquer new businesses. But it is the best option if the brands wish to build a devoted following of clients as it is a stable medium to keep in touch with them.


It is a rapidly flourishing platform among the young audience. Instagram entirely depends on photos for conversation. The platform performs well for businesses like retail, food, art, and beauty that are more visual-based. Instagram is effective for generating leads as it has a broader reach.


LinkedIn is a distinct platform for a professional and mature audience. It consists of maximum users aged above thirty. The tuned focus makes the platform unique, and it helps people in their job search and to build a professional network. Therefore, the platform supports general networking, B2B lead generation, and recruitment processes.

Final Thoughts

Through Social media marketing, businesses can plan and implement effective management strategies to enhance brand awareness, improve website exposure, and build relationships. Therefore, to select the businesses’ potential social platforms, they need to choose the appropriate ones where their audience is available.


YouTube video viewing has become an indispensible part of our online lives. With the emergence of a variety of FLV downloading tools, an increasing number of people are opting to download and reedit it in their own style. There is, however, no program that can handle FLV editing. What is the explanation for this? The FLV format used by YouTube differs from other video formats in that it is extremely compressed. Everyone believes it is unchangeable. YouTube video lag can be caused by a variety of factors, including a poor Internet connection, problems with Flash Player on your PC, and Windows not having the required settings to run. The issues you’re having with YouTube are that it won’t load properly, causing Windows to take an extremely long time to load the videos you want to watch. This issue can have a variety of triggers, but the bottom line is that if you know how to fix it, it’s really very easy.

To resolve YouTube lagging problem perform follows steps:

  • Install the Adobe Flash Player and the Web Browser again.
  • Check to see if your internet connection is working properly.
  • Delete the Registry

Install the Adobe Flash Player and the Web Browser again

  • Select “Start,” then “Control Panel,” then “Add/Remove Programs.”
  • Go to your web browser and type in
  • Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Install the web browser again.

Check to see if your internet connection is working properly

The next move is to ensure that your system’s Internet connection is operational. This can be achieved quickly and easily by following the steps below:

  • Go to “” and fill out the form.
  • Start Scan” should be selected.
  • Use the speed test to see how fast your Internet connection is.
  • If it’s less than 300kbps, you can speak with your ISP about upgrading.

Delete the Registry

Finally, cleaning the registry should allow your system to run as quickly as possible. Follow the measures outlined here to accomplish this:

  • Install a dependable registry cleaner.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Enable it to search your entire device.
  • Allow it to correct any errors that Windows might be experiencing.
  • Restart your computer.

This essentially ensures that Windows runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, thus increasing the speed and reliability of your machine. This is a large directory inside Windows that contains the settings and options that enable your machine to function. While the registry is constantly used to ensure that Windows can process the files and configurations needed to make Windows run, we’ve discovered that many registry settings become corrupted over time, causing programs like YouTube to run much slower. It is strongly recommended that you use a registry tool such as Frontline Registry Cleaner to resolve the issues you’re having with your PC. Please use a YouTube video downloader to record and download the videos you want whenever you want. This recorder may be very basic online software that assists browsers in downloading an embedded flash video. It allows us to view the video on the internet. When we watch a video on the internet, it’s usually in a streaming flash format. These videos can be viewed with any browser if you have an internet connection. It is difficult to complete the video and copy it to the local hard drive if we are not connected to the internet.

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