6 Real World examples of Businesses implementing Ai in Ecommerce

If you want to see how you can implement these same systems for your small business, or want to learn about other ways AI can be implemented in ecommerce or retail, check out the full blog post over on Scalr.ai. We go in depth into how different Ai based systems can increase ROI or conversions for ecommerce stores and how you can build the same ones, as well as how real companies you know are implementing these systems.

Ai has continued to grow in the world of business and retail, and has enhanced and automated how alot of us interact and do business online. Gartner predicts that customers will have 85% of their relationship with businesses without interacting with a real person in the near future. Tools like facial recognition for fraud detection, chat bots to increase conversions, recommendation systems for products and many more are being implemented to push ecommerce stores forward. Lets take a look at some businesses already implementing these tools today.

Valyant Ai:

Valyant develops customer service tools that create a natural human interaction feel between human and computer. Valyant Ai has built a customized voice-based human like system that can be integrated into phone systems and mobile apps. They have even developed facial recognition tools to remember customers and what they ordered.


Scalr.ai builds intelligent customer service chat bots that are trained to focus on moving potential customers through a sales funnel. These chat bots are tailored to understand what spots in the funnel causes people to click away as well as when a customer gets frustrated, and moves them along with answers and tips. Understanding where your customers get lost in funnels is the key to optimizing your conversions. Check it out here.


Trendalytics uses data from twitter, instagram, and consumer shopping patterns to provide ecommerce stores with data analytics and insights they can use to increase conversions and sales, as well as brand awareness.

Fellow Robots:

Fellow has created an ai powered customer service robot it calls Navvi for retail stores. Its used for warehouse operations, product information questions, and location questions. Home improvement store Lowes has picked up the robot for a few locations and uses it to monitor inventory and assist customers.

3PM Marketplace Solutions:

3PM uses Ai algorithms to protect clients and customers from online fraud and counterfeiting on websites used for marketplaces. Its ML based algorithms learn how to tell fake items from real and contains a model trained just for that marketplace. This allows it to become better at what it does as it spends more time telling real from fake and training on new data. Amazon is currently using this tool on its own marketplace.


Heatrr.ai is a conversion optimization tool built to increase the power of behavioral analytics tools like Hotjar or Plerdy. Heatrr.ai uses the heatmap and event map data provided by these tools and uses Ai and data analytics to optimize web pages and funnels for ROI, with data you already collect. They also provide ROI analytics for your funnel to understand what you need to improve to optimize different parts of your sales funnel, like CTA and headline text.