Become a Pro Chef Without a College Degree

Cookery is a form of art that takes the best form while in a commercial setting. A career in commercial cookery ensures job satisfaction and the creative exposure that every human seeks. If you are really into cooking and love doing it for others, you may consider a career in this industry.

You can become a pro chef regardless of your educational background. Yes, you heard me right! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a fancy university degree to become a successful culinary professional.

Misconceptions About College Degrees

There is a common misconception among new entrants in the culinary world. Many of them think that without having a formal university qualification one cannot have a successful career.

As a result, many individuals who love cooking do not pursue a career in cookery as a long-term choice, rather they take it up as a way of earning money in the short run. A lot of potential talented cooks do not take up Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), instead they go for expensive college degrees.


Due to this misconception, amateur cooks do not get to explore their talents and career opportunities that might synchronise with their inner needs. Cookery is a hot sector for career prospects where you do not need a fancy degree to climb up the ladder.

Is College Essential to Becoming a Chef?

Being a chef is not something you can learn in college. It takes real passion, hard work, a specific set of skills, and dedication to be a professional in the culinary arena.

Cookery is a highly skill-based profession, which means you must have hands-on experience to develop a career in this sector. You cannot get the required exposure to cooking activities through a university qualification.

Learning on the job is the best way to go as this is the only way to develop cooking skills and grow your industry contacts. An apprenticeship is a common way of gaining on-the-job training as a cook.

Skills You Can’t Acquire Through College Degrees

As a cookery professional you must know your way around the kitchen. Chefs usually work long hours in fast-paced environments. A typical day at work might include the following activities:

  • Extensive use of hands to move and handle items
  • Planning, organising, and prioritising work
  • Maintaining relationships with staff and customers
  • Training staff
  • Thinking creative
  • Solving problems

To perform the tasks of a chef you must have cooking expertise, broad culinary knowledge, food safety and business knowledge, and organisational skills.

Along with these skills you are also expected to be:

  • passionate
  • creative
  • mentally tough and driven
  • detail-oriented
  • calm under pressure
  • a team player
  • physically strong with good stamina

These skills develop over time through extensive involvement in kitchen operations and cooking in a commercial environment. You can’t simply get these at a college or university.

Professional Development as a Chef

To become a chef in Australia you need to have certifications from registered training organisations (RTO). You may choose to become a chef, pastry chef, or baker and go for any of the following certificates:

  • Certificate III or IV in Commercial Cookery (for Chefs)
  • Certificate III or IV (for Pastry Chefs)
  • Certificate III in Baking (for Bakers)

Getting these qualifications will make you eligible to work as a chef, help you find a better job, or get promoted.

You can get these certificates through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Become a Pro Chef through RPL

Through RPL, your past cookery experiences and skills will get recognised. You can use your expertise as a chef to get qualified within weeks, without attending any classes.

To get certified, all you need to do is contact a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provide them with all your details and experiences. They will assess your situation and get you qualified in no time. If you want to become absolutely hassle free contact an RPL agent. One of the best RPL agent in Australia is EDUCUBE. We would strongly recommend you to go catch that dream.

These certificates will help you land big jobs and climb up the ladder of success. Grab a cup of coffee and get to work to boost your skills, become a pro chef.