Why should you invest in your eCommerce business?

Online shopping changing landscape

Online shopping and eCommerce business has changed drastically over the last two decades. The recent technology boost that brought so many easy website builders and API integrations encouraged people to use the internet to sell their products and services.

More and more new eCommerce solutions started to be available for small and medium businesses to make their online presence.

For instance, WPEngine released their innovative eCommerce solution, where you can setup up your store within minutes and start selling online.

What even better-accelerated eCommerce business was recent lockdowns and closures happening on the global scale due to COVID-19 outbreaks. It is said to say but indeed the pandemic caused many merchants to rise for the challenge and shift to online selling. Also, more customers started looking for online stores as they cannot leave the house due to restrictions.

Build your credibility

Having a beautifully designed eCommerce shop can earn your business more credibility. If you sell a product, building your online presence is a must.

Physical shops that don’t have an eCommerce shop don’t get customer trust these days. A new normal is that if people look for a product they usually check if the company has a website where they can directly purchase it.

Another advantage of the online store is that products can be displayed with photos, videos, details and descriptions. A physical store cannot offer that.

Earn money 24/7

I think the biggest advantage of the online shop is that it works 24/7. If you sell physical products in your country the 24/7 rule applies only to sales during the day, but nobody stops a customer to buy your product a night, right?

However, if you sell online services or products and you are not limited to your country location nothing stops you from earning revenue 24/7. After all, the sales may come from any corner of the world and at any time.

Write about your products – eCommerce business blog

Due to a big competition these days, online businesses have to adapt to the new eCommerce landscape and find new ways to attract customers.

One of the best ways to increase your product sales is to write about them. Often merchants have a blog page on their menu on the eCommerce store website. They constantly write about their products new releases and updates as well as provide extensive user cases from their customers that are supported with positive testimonials.

What I noticed during my blogging is that many bloggers go another way around. They start a new blog with good content and after they established a good online presence they add an eCommerce store to the existing website.

This is even better as they already have good web traffic so the moment they start a new online store they start selling instantly.

Remember that online business is a live organism where you have to adapt to the incoming changes quickly. Otherwise, your blog or store will sink in the depth of other low performing websites.

Minimise cost

While setting up an eCommerce store is not free and you have to pay from $20 to $50 per month, it is a fraction of what you pay if you had to hire a few employees to manage your store. Most of the work of setting up your online store is only in the beginning.

Later on, you only add or update products and maintain your website with the latest service upgrades to keep everything up to date.

What are the steps of setting up a new online store?

Different eCommerce solutions may have different setups but if yours is based on WordPress like WPEngine the whole process is guided with easy to install initial package and further instructions.

So, let’s see what steps are involved in setting up your store.

  • Lunch eCommerce solution package – with the initial installation you get demo pages and products
  • Update Page Content – making your Home, About and Contact pages look professional, appealing and free of any grammatical errors is a must for you to succeed
  • Update Widgets – widgets are small blocks normally place in the sidebar of a footer
  • Update Menu – add any additional pages if you want – this is where you can add your Blog page
  • Customise Branding – make sure the colours and look and feel adhere to your company standards so your customers can recognise them easily
  • Update Store Settings – update store details, tax, payment and shipping options
  • Add Your Products – you can use demo products as a template or create a completely new template if you want
  • Do The Final Check – make sure everything is set correctly and go live and start selling

Should you invest in an eCommerce Solution

I think the simple answer is Yes. If you are serious about your business and you want to grow, definitely consider investing in an eCommerce business.

These days more people purchase online and this trend will only increase over years. Having an online store will give your business more credibility and you can make more sales 24/7.

Also, by having all your customers and sales data online you can analyse and adapt to the needs of your customers.