How Do I Conduct Police Checks on New Employees in Australia?

Are you hiring an individual for some primary position in your company? It implies that you need to conduct a proper police check online in Australia. It is a major part of the application process.

It is becoming commonplace in the nation to conduct an in-depth police check online for recruiting new staff. A pre-employment police or background check is a mandatory specification for several industries in the nation. Most organizations perform these checks as a part of the primary risk management procedure.

Why Should I Ensure a Police Check for Hiring Employees?

There are several benefits of performing a criminal history check in Australia before hiring employees. Some are:

  • Creation of a safer environment in the organization
  • Protection of other employees from staff-related risks
  • Protection of the most valuable assets –including staff, property, and the organization’s reputation

What should I Consider Before Performing a Police Check on a New Employee?

Before you go forward with conducting an in-depth police check online on new employees, you should consider some factors. These are:

  • Design a Criminal History Check Policy: Does your organization have a well-documented police check policy for the workforce? It is important to create a dedicated policy for streamlining the background check process. You should, therefore, create or revise the existing criminal history or police check policy for your company.


When you do so, you establish transparency between the potential candidate and your organization. It explains the primary purpose of performing the check. It also allows you to cover yourself in case of any misunderstanding.


  • Be Specific About the Check from the Beginning: There can be nothing worse than catching your employee by surprise. You should avoid this situation at all costs. For this, you should specify clearly the need for a detailed police check online on your job advertisement.


You can also disclose that possessing a criminal history will not exclude individuals from applying. When you state this upfront, it allows for a highly transparent discussion during the early stages of the hiring process.


  • Reiterate the Requirements: Is the candidate successful in reaching the next stage of the recruitment process? You can leverage this time to reiterate the requirements of the police check onlin The applicant should consent to the check to ensure recruitment.


You should also specifically outline the risks involved with the given job position. Emphasize that the police check is important against the risks.


  • Perform Police Checks for Shortlisted Candidates: Do you wish to minimize the overall recruitment costs and time? You can screen only those candidates that you seriously consider for the given job position. Therefore, you can reduce the overhead and expenses. You can also minimize the risks of presenting confidential information without the need.

Why Do Companies in Australia Require Police Checks for Employees?

As a major part of the risk management program of companies in Australia, organizations should come up with a robust police or background check policy for potential employees. It helps in preventing discrimination and creating a positive working environment. Therefore, using the same, you can encourage the lawful and fair treatment of the employees of your organization.

A written or police check online policy can help both the organization and the potential candidate. It allows both parties to fully understand the objectives of the company in performing national police checks in Australia. Using this, you can avoid misunderstanding for potentially disrupting the welfare and productivity of employees.

A written policy also helps in setting out the legal obligations of the employers under anti-discrimination laws in Australia. Using this, you can assure employees that they will not have to deal with unjust or inconsiderable situations.

As per the Australian Human Rights Commission, employers should consider the innate requirements of every particular position. Additionally, they should regard specific types of crimes that might be relevant to the given job position before its advertisement.

Steps Involved in Employee’s Police Check in Australia

Usually, a police check includes the following series of steps:

  • A statement regarding the commitment of the employer to comply with anti-discrimination conviction & privacy laws
  • An outline specifying the legal rights of both the employees and the employers on the given matter
  • An outline specifying the other legal requirements of the employer –like compliance with legislation specific to the industry
  • In-depth process for assessing the specific requirements of every position
  • The personnel responsible for overseeing the different aspects of the risk management procedure


As an organization, you should include staff members in the process of designing essential policies. Ensure that the policies are accessible as well as comprehensive. Thus, your organization can create an atmosphere wherein employees trust you. Design a detailed crime check or police check policy.