Allianz Cyber Insurance Review

Experience Reliable Cyber Insurance with Allianz

Because of the vast increase of digital threats and cybercrime these days, no wonder cyber insurance is turning into a necessity for companies and business organizations. Thankfully, there is a global financial services provider named Allianz that has a very wide experience in cyber insurance and safeguarding countless organizations.

Allianz has a very broad knowledge and experience when it comes to cybersecurity. They are experts in fighting against hacks, cyberattacks, and threats that are happening daily. Allianz offers cyber insurance policies to numerous companies and even individuals around the world. They provide a huge scope of policy options that are specially made for business owners. 

Moreover, with the assistance of Allianz cyber insurance, cyber protection will be enhanced up to its maximum level and the negative effects after a cyber incident will be attenuated. Their cyber liability insurance guarantees to cover losses related to the illegal usage of IT systems or a data security incident.

How can Allianz Cyber Insurance Protect your Business?

Allianz offers dependable prevention, cyber incident response service, and professional services with the assistance of their global partner network that help companies enhance their protection against cyberattacks. Their services incorporate continuous access and communication with IT forensic experts. They are also in persistent contact with legal or crisis communications support teams.

Their comprehensive insurance coverage includes business interruption, confidentiality and privacy breach, and data breach response. In business interruption, it comes with a protection period that can cover the profits that have been stolen or lost up to 6 months subsequent to the event. In a privacy or confidentiality breach, this mainly covers the lost money caused by a data breach. Moreover, in data breach response, it includes legal advice, call center, and credit monitoring fees. These will help your business recover from a cyberattack.

Allianz also shields business organizations and companies against financial losses that are caused by data breaches in computer systems, IT systems of third-party providers, or Google Cloud services. These are the things that the Allianz cyber insurance coverage covers.

  • Data breach liability for corporate and personal data
  • Data breach, notification, and IT forensic expenses
  • Network protection liability for attacked, hacked, or compromised systems, as well as DDoS attack
  • Media, payment card industry liability
  • A business interruption that’s caused by a cyberattack/ cyber incident
  • Restoration expenses for programs and data that are caused by a cyber interruption
  • IT forensic support for crisis management to diminish reputational damage

In addition, the Allianz Cyber Product Suit provides clients a different level of coverage according to the reviews by their cyber underwriters and risk consultants. They work cooperatively with you to carry out a full evaluation of your business requirements and systems, and of course, to put up your indicated policy. 

Businesses, either small or large, need cyber insurance. Cybercriminals can attack anyone; they do not choose their victims. If your company has digital data, you automatically qualify as a target by hackers.

What Else can Allianz Cyber Insurance Help You With?

Allianz cyber insurance can also provide additional protection for utmost cybersecurity. Allianz offers Cloud Protection+ which is specially created to fully secure clients from cloud-based cyberattacks and risks. 

This protection gives increased protection for companies that normally depend on the cloud and any other Google services. If you’re an SSAS (Software as a Service) owner or simply an online business owner, you might consider getting backed up with Cloud Protection+. 

Adding another dimension, Allianz also offers ransomware insurance. A lot of small to large companies are experiencing ransomware attacks. This cyberattack is a kind of malicious and dangerous malware made by hackers to take over your computer by locking out your device and your encrypted files. Once these are locked, the hackers will then demand a ransom and they will give you your access back.

However, with Allianz cyber insurance, ransomware attacks would be avoided. Allianz has access to reliable response teams to help you in responding and shielding any cyberattack.