Interesting UI solutions in mobile applications

UI and UX are often confused, which is not surprising as they are usually even placed together in a single term – UI/UX design. They are strongly connected. Why is that and what are modern, interesting UI solutions used in mobile applications?

UI and UX – what are they?

In short, the user interface (UI) is a set of screens, pages, buttons, and icons that enables users to interact with the application. User experience, on the other hand, is an overall experience (feelings) of the person that is interacting with it. Both – UX and UI design – are crucial for creating high-quality, engaging mobile applications.

UI is a term used for the graphical layout of an app. It comprises all the elements that a user can interact with (for example clickable buttons), including interface animations and transitions. User interface designers choose color schemes, shapes of buttons, types of fonts – they are responsible for how the application looks like.

UX designers need to ensure that navigation through an application is intuitive and natural. If users find it difficult to interact with your app, they will not use it for long. UX designers are also working with interface elements created by UI designers, but instead of being concerned with how the UI looks, they are tasked with determining how it operates.

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UI’s are getting minimalistic

Minimalism is becoming more popular each year in both web and mobile design. Why is that? Simplicity allows you to point out the most important elements of the application – both the content and the buttons that are meant to lead the user to the product page. That is why UI designers create transparent designs, use light colors, strong contrasts, and simple shapes, and most of all they decide to leave only those elements that are crucial for the particular project.

Sophisticated fonts improving UX

When it comes to application design, typography is something a designer should consider carefully. The goal is to ensure high readability – it may be really difficult when you create an app for a mobile device. Detailed fonts and small text size may affect UX. Fonts can be readable and decorative at the same time. Remember though, that the most important task here is to convey the message of the given brand. Choosing the right text size and font is crucial for the UX of a mobile app.

UI animations make interacting with an app more interesting

There is a variety of animations that the designers of mobile app UI and UX may use to improve UX. Animated buttons and switches draw users’ attention. Some interactive elements can help you keep your mobile app user occupied when the content is loading or some processes are in progress. This is quite important, as nobody likes to wait. Such UI solutions are much more engaging for the users.

Most users want to know if their action failed or succeeded. In this case, feedback animation will do nicely. Such animation improves the user experience. Mobile apps use visual signals, vibrations, or sounds to inform a person that something is going on. That makes people confident that their actions were noticed.

How about using an application without touching it?

In times of pandemic, a big trend for UI and UX is the VUI (voice user interfaces) and air gesture control. It is similar to virtual assistants. Imagine that you could interact with a mobile application without touching it! Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was certain that voice interactions are one of the most interesting solutions for mobile apps. Interacting with elements of the UI of the mobile application with your voice may become a common thing one day. Air gesture control is a different technique that enables users to control an application with a gesture.

Both those techniques have not been perfected yet. It is sometimes difficult to formulate what you want from the application and some devices’ gesture sensitivity may be different, but surely this solution will improve UX a lot in the future.

UI and UX designers are coming up with new, amazing solutions for improving the UX of mobile application users all the time. Wondering, how you can improve your mobile application?