How do I become Python certified?

Python is one of the most prestigious programming languages in the IT world. It is not only a widespread “generalist” language. People who are interested in developing Python jobs can use their skills. But is certification necessary for a career in Python-related development?

Python developers are currently in great demand. The popularity of Python seems to continue untouched in today’s dynamic world, where nearly everything is changing rapidly. Well, that could put you in a shocking state, but it’s nothing new for python developers. According to Burning Glass, python developer jobs are set to increase by 30.7 percent in the next decade.

What is a Python certification?

Python certification is a sort of credential. The credentials are mainly to show how the traditional system of education works. You go to a university to graduate, and then your degree will act as a credential when it is time to get a job. Employers use this credential as an expert to decide if they want to recruit you. You learned what you say that you learned.

Since it is becoming more popular to follow less conventional pathways like MOOCs, they have replicated the credentials of the degree by offering online certificates. Moreover, many independent companies offer a Python certification course aimed at replicating the credentials of the degree.

Why learn Python for Data Science?

Python ranked second in its programming languages ranking by popularity according to a survey by RedMonsk, a prominent analyst company. Python became the first language to enter the top two spots other than Java or JavaScript. You can see how vital Python is in the market today. It is a general-purpose programming language, which means that for many tasks, you can use it. In addition to data science, Python has web development applications and machine learning. Python has numerous applications in data science. It has several libraries which simplify different data operations.

How to become a Python professional?

Find out why you would like to learn Python before you dive into it. The reason you know it might motivate you to reach the end goal without being bored.

To become a Python Professional, you must follow these steps:

  • Follow a data structure course.
  • Continue to learn Django or Flask.
  • Hands-on experience with Python library
  • Python projects with real-time experience

Where can I learn Python programming?

  1. Online certification courses

In almost every industry, certifications have found their way. The reason is that certificates help boost the career. It allows candidates to assess their skills and knowledge, not to mention. These works also demonstrate your commitment to your profession as a recognition of their competence.

In Python, there are different certification bodies. Therefore, various training institutes can be found that offer the same. But don’t get lured. Now, understand and remember that only a few are widely accepted. Therefore, ensure that you make a wise choice.

Python courses are available from many online portals, including Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera, and edX. You can stay up to date with your course and provide practical information and tips through video lessons in online courses. You can learn Python variables, statements, loops, and functions by going to Python online tutorials and e-learning lessons. Just look at the following Python certifications.

  • PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer)

This certification shows the ability of students to complete coding work in Python, which is essential for programming. This free python certification exam has to be passed by developers before they are fully certified. This certification shows the ability of students to complete coding work in Python, which is essential for programming. It also teaches you to understand the python language’s syntax and semantics. It increases your skills in solving the typical implementation challenges by applying PSL (Python Standard Library).

Once this exam is finished and passed, you will be a certified Python developer and know all the basics of Python. It is because it tests your knowledge of Python programming and allows you to study the intermediate level of Python programming to explore it.

  • PCAP (Certified Associate in Python Programming)

If you’re trying to build trust in Python programming, you will benefit from PCAP certification. This certification will also enable you to advance your skills from other Python-language programmers. This concept tests your trust in Python programming by taking this certification.

  • PCPP (Certified Professional in Python Programming)

The Python Institution’s third free Python certification exam is the top test for python programmers. There are two PCPP 1 and PCPP 2 certificates. The PCPP certificate shows developers’ ability to perform advanced programming coding tasks in Python and related technologies.

It is also the case with advanced object-oriented tools, frameworks, and complete systems for programming and building. The certification will make it possible for the programmer to understand and handle the GUI and the system programming and the use of libraries and modules from Python.

  1. Google’s Python class

This free online resource is for people having experience in programming. It provides written materials, videos, and tasks to improve the understanding of Python for students. This class is for those learners who know the basics of a “variable” or “if statement.” It is not necessary to become a programmer expert.

  1. The Python tutorial

The official website for developers in Python is The Python Tutorial, the official Python documentation, is available on this website. It teaches the basics and features of the Python language.

  1. Books & Podcast

Many popular books can help you learn Python if you like to read books. You could listen to Python Podcasts if you don’t want to read a book or watch a video tutorial.

Future words

Python is constantly evolving at present. Just a few people can legitimately argue that they fully understand and have created the language. Python is an enjoyable language to learn.

There are no secret shortcuts, unfortunately! Find a platform that provides Python with the right skills that you want to learn.

Ensure that you don’t waste time learning stuff you really won’t need for your daily Python work. But don’t make mistakes. It will take some time to learn whatever you want to do with Python!


How an App to Track Work Hours Found Its Place in Online Schooling

Companies weren’t the only ones trying to figure out remote work in 2020. All in-person events were canceled – including school classes. So, universities, colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions needed to find a way to teach classes online, while making sure their students were still doing the work instead of watching Netflix during Zoom classes.

Strangely enough, a time tracking software, or an app to track work hours turned out to be the perfect solution. Let’s see how an app that was intended for companies, found its place in online schooling, and how it can improve your online classes

The Original Use of Time Tracking

Originally, time tracking apps were created with companies in mind. They’re used to track time on projects and tasks, but at the same time, the software provides employers with information about the app and website usage.

Companies use these apps to track productivity, improve project estimates, discover bottlenecks in the processes, and so much more.

With all employees working from home in the past year, time trackers have become an integral part of every manager’s toolbox. But, some online teachers have found a way to incorporate these tools into their daily classes.

Setting Up

Online teachers have realized that this setup of projects and tasks can easily translate into courses (subjects) and classes. In this scenario, each subject is a project, every class on that subject is a task within a specific project. Employees are students, and Managers are teachers.

Every teacher manages one project, and their job is to create tasks within and assign students to them. Each task should be named differently, to reflect the topic that will be discussed during the class.

Students should have the tracker installed with the lightest privacy settings. This means that they should be able to control the tracker and turn it off and on as necessary.

As a teacher, you can also divide apps and websites used as productive or unproductive. If you’re using this option, you’ll have information about your students’ productivity levels – a handy metric when you want to add extra credit or evaluate your curriculum.

Tracking Classes With an App to Track Work Hours

Every time a new class starts, your students should clock in and start tracking the time on the appropriate task (class). On the manager dashboard, you’ll see in real-time who is online and in attendance, making it easier to keep track of attendees.

Once the class is done, you can analyze the data to see if your students were actually following your class or spending time on YouTube. This is a useful metric if you want to give extra credit to the students who paid the most attention, or those who actively participated in class discussions. On the other hand, it can help you discover if your classes are engaging enough. If a large portion of your students spends time creating their Amazon wishlist – you’re probably doing something wrong.

Avoid the Scolding

We advise you to ignore the small amount of unproductivity – nobody can stay 100% focused every day, during every class. University is stressful enough without you scolding your students about every single minute they weren’t paying attention in class.

However, if you do notice that unproductivity levels are unusually high for some students, or that they’ve been skipping classes a lot – try to have an open conversation with them. Let them know what you’ve noticed, and check in to see if they have a particular problem that’s stopping them from giving their best.

Wrapping Up

It might seem confusing in the beginning, but an app to track work hours is an excellent tool for teachers and students. It will take some time to set it up, and figure out what are the best ways to use the data this software provides, but once you do – you’ll never go back.

What are APIs and why are they so dominant in business today?

It often feels like the world is obsessed with acronyms these days but, when it comes to tech jargon, the term API might just be one of the most over-used – yet equally least-understood – acronyms of all.

However, strangely – and probably without even realizing it – you likely make use of APIs daily. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and an API is essentially a way for different computer services to communicate easily with one another.

To give a real-world scenario, you might like to think of an API as being similar to a waiter in a restaurant – essentially a conduit between the customer ordering their food and the kitchen that prepares it. The customer orders their food – the waiter relays the order – the kitchen makes the food – then the waiter returns the order to the customer’s table. An API works in a very similar way, just in a digital format.

Why are APIs so important?

Today’s society is data-driven on almost every level, and as the real and digital worlds increasingly become one, data is becoming more important than ever. Indeed, many industry analysts now suggest data is the world’s most valuable commodity – worth more even than traditional heavy-hitters like gold and oil.

With our seemingly insatiable thirst for gadgets, tech, and online platforms, we are coming to rely more and more on digital services – making the communication between these systems all the more vital. Digital services have become an integral part of most people’s work and personal lives – so much so, it’s now almost impossible to imagine a world without the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Amazon.

What is an example of an API?

As you might expect, APIs come in a huge variety of forms, ranging from the highly complex to the relatively simple. For the purposes of keeping things familiar and easy to understand, one of the most common and easily recognized APIs that you’ve likely used many times is the ability to sign in to services with credentials supplied by other platforms.

For example, you’ll have likely visited online services that allow you to subscribe, identify yourself or sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google ID, etc., rather than having to set up a new account. This kind of sign-in is only possible using APIs. Another common example of APIs at work is the familiar “Pay with PayPal” logo you’ll have often seen on e-commerce websites, where you can pay immediately, so long as you’re already logged into your PayPal account (i.e., without having to input credit card details, etc. into the retailer’s platform).

In both these cases, when a user clicks these buttons, the service doesn’t actually log in to their social/PayPal account – rather, they leverage the power of the platform’s API to check user details (in the case of Facebook, for most people, that’s quite likely). This makes API security considerably easier to manage since the API only gives specific access to specific credentials rather than cross-board rights to user data.

This ability for systems to communicate and verify user credentials isn’t just convenient – it’s also fast, secure, and saves users having to create multiple accounts.

Why are APIs important for business?

In short, APIs help reduce barriers to access, foster innovation and provide two-way benefits for both third-party developers and the originating API firm. They can even help companies expand into different markets by allowing external organizations to use their base data in new, innovative, and exciting formats the original company may not have imagined. They also allow firms to collaborate (sometimes without even realizing it) with other companies on different uses for their original data or service.

A great example of how a firm can use APIs to develop an entirely new product can be seen in the way Uber rolled out its services. Rather than starting from scratch and having to build its own payment, mapping, and communications services, Uber piggybacked on existing platforms to build its unique and, at the time, groundbreaking service. To have faced developing all these aspects of its ride service might have proved prohibitively expensive at the outset – but by taking advantage of APIs, the firm could slash development costs while also improving the reliability of its data.

How APIs are cultivating a creative culture – and how your firm could benefit

Many industry experts believe APIs represent the future of business – and it’s easy to see why. As exemplified by the Uber development cycle above, APIs allow entrepreneurs creative freedom to concentrate on dreaming up ideas rather than having their potentially seminal concepts fall at the first hurdle of having to develop everything in-house. With the impending growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s quite easy to imagine how APIs could bring cross-board advantages to multiple, otherwise disparate firms for the benefit of all.

Top Most Services Offered By Nursing Assignment Help Services In Australia

Are you assigned with nursing assignments? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your nursing assignments? If these all your queries, then you may need assistance from experts providing nursing assignment help in Australia. Thus subject-matter experts offering academic assistance assist students to get rid of all their queries.

It has been seen that a student devote nearly 30% of their academic time in writing nursing assignment. There are many factors behind scoring poor grades. But don’t worry because nursing assignments help online services to students facing issues in writing nursing assignments.

Stop Wasting Time In Finding Nursing Assignments; Find The Best One Here

If you are the one who is looking for the best nursing care plan assignment help in Australia, no need to pay waste time referring internet. You are simply required to find the best one with ease. However, the services offered by these services are illustrated here.

Deals in Different Topics

Nursing assignments are not as easy as we think. It is a vast subject and complex to write. Therefore, it becomes important to gain ample knowledge in medical science and medical technology, and instrumentation. However, the topics covered under nursing assignments are nursing ethics, mental health, pharmacology, physiology, behavioral health nursing, maternal nursing, etc.

Help Students in Nursing Challenges

Students face numerous challenges in writing assignments and therefore they need nursing assignment help in Australia to overcome them. Some common challenges are lack of time, incoherent understanding of marking rubric, procrastination, etc.

Proofreading And Editing Service

Apart from the above, the nursing assignment helps online services that deal in proofreading and editing services. This service is best for those who have completed their nursing assignments but not confident about their writing, meeting requirements, etc. Here, you will find a team of experts who are the best in proofreading and editing assignments. Generally, experts check for grammatical errors, typos mistakes, and content authenticity. Thus, if you too find it difficult proofreading your assignment, simply choose us and enjoy world-class proofreading and editing services.

Helps in Distinct Form of Nursing Challenges

Academic assignments are comprised of several assignments, such as case studies, essay writing, report writing, and more. The experts delivering the best nursing care plan assignment help in Australia. are highly experienced, talented, and skilled to deal with nursing challenges while writing assignments.

Creating PPTs and Online Quizzes

Nursing assignments come in different forms and PPTs and online quizzes are one of them. Dealing with these forms of assignments cannot be easy for any students and thus they look for nursing assignment help. services. Finding these services can be a daunting task when several firms are claiming that they are the best in the market. However, here a team of creative and well-experienced PPT creators and assignment writers is available to look into the concern and do the needful at the earliest.

These were the few lists of services being offered by the online nursing assignment help service providers. The experts engaged here have helped students pursuing post-graduate and other higher degrees from different universities of Australia. Hence, taking help from them in nursing assignments ensures the best and error-less assignments. If we talk about the price of nursing assignment help services, it is quite reasonable. All they are focused on in gaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Thus, choose the best assignment help services for your nursing assignment and get it done at nominal cost. It is recommended to devote ample time before choosing any assignment services.

Why Canadians Should Shop More for Their Financial Products

Why consumers choose to buy the products and services they do is an interesting phenomenon to understand. With the number of options available today in every sector, it’s important to understand how and why people make these decisions. This applies in the financial sector as well.

Consumers seem to instinctively understand that when it comes to retail products, streaming services or any other purchase they are considering, that shopping around is the logical choice. The internet has made it simple to compare products and make the best choice for their needs. Do people treat their financial products with the same degree of thorough investigation?

By taking the time and effort to shop around, consumers can make better choices about their financial products. This is a crucial step that can lead to better financial outcomes for individuals and families. This leads to a more prosperous and financially stable populace, which is good for everyone. Consider these three product and service categories and why you, as a consumer, should take the time to shop around.

By Using the Wrong Payment Cards, Canadians Are Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table

Payment cards are everywhere. 80% of Canadians prefer to use a card for payment instead of cash. It’s no wonder that you are flooded with offers for cards all the time. There seems to be a new credit card for every day of the week. In Canada alone, there are 76 million Mastercard’s and Visas in circulation! How do you determine what are the best credit cards for you?

First, you need to have a plan for why you need or want a card in the first place. What will you use it for? How will it benefit you? Do you plan on leveraging the rewards program? Are you looking for a lower interest rate? Do you care about an annual fee?

These questions are important as they will determine the factors you consider when picking a card. For over 80% of Canadians, the rewards program was a deciding factor in choosing their card. 70% of all Canadians pay off their balances in full monthly but for those who carry a balance over, a lower interest rate might be a key feature in a card they choose. For interest rates, many cards that offer low rates, some as low as 10%.

Canadians are using cash less often, particularly when it comes to larger purchases. Having a card that matches your needs and provides you with the most beneficial rewards is key to reaching your financial goals. Many services today provide in-depth and comprehensive credit cards comparison tools.

Canadians Pay the Highest Investment Fees in the World

Having access to the investing world is one of the greatest ways for the average citizen to increase their financial wealth. This can set up their successive generations with a financial head start in life. Technology has made this increasingly simple and easy to become involved in.

Many avenues allow you to access the stock market. You can choose to go through a financial institution that will invest your money for you. You can go through a stockbroker who will advise and guide you on the best choices, for a commission. The other option is to use an online brokerage or a robo-advisor. This allows for self-directed and DIY investing.

It is important to understand your goals as well as your market or industry knowledge to make the right decision. Many platforms have similar services but the amount of investor information can differ. There may be some tips or advice you would find on one and not another. For example, did you know that Canadians pay the highest mutual fund fees in the world? Knowing this may affect what you choose to buy and invest in.

The fees also differ from platform to platform. If you are doing your own investing to save on commission, you most likely want to pay less in fees. With all these options, how do you make the best choice for you and your future goals? Comparison tools distill all the important features and benefits and organize them in an easy to understand format. These platforms have collected and compared all of the Canadian online brokers and robo-advisors.


Tips to improve your firm’s efficiency

No matter what sector your company operates in, the aim of pretty much all businesses is to run with the greatest efficiency, producing the best products possible with the least outlay. Efficiency drives profit which, in turn, leads to growth, so improving your firm’s productivity levels should be top of your agenda.

Most company directors would agree that efficiency is the holy grail of running a firm, but how can you streamline operations to improve productivity? Read on for a few tried and tested tips proven by industry experts which could see you generating better throughput and increasing your profit margins.

Improve employee productivity with in-house training

When you’re recruiting staff, you likely have a range of requirements you want each applicant to have for the particular job on offer – whether that be in the form of training, experience, or qualifications. However, regardless of how well qualified or experienced the successful applicant might be, they’ll still need to learn exactly how you work.

All companies – even those working and operating in the same sector – have their own in-house procedures and practices and ways of doing things that are unique to them. Often this is one of the most daunting parts of starting a new job. However, investing just a little time and money in onboarding and Employee Training will see your staff get up to speed quickly and working more effectively. Also, don’t forget the benefits of continued training and refresher courses – even for your more experienced members of staff.

Help your staff gain additional qualifications

While in-house training is undoubtedly important, helping employees learn additional skills through external learning and courses could see you diversifying their skills base and possibly making sideways moves into different markets. A company is only as good as its staff, so the more skilled you can make your team, the better your company will become.

One of the major reasons disgruntled staff leave a job is a lack of training, so offering your team the opportunity to gain additional qualifications will also increase morale and reduce staff turnover. There is considerable evidence that shows happy employees are more productive, so offering training incentives could also have the knock-on effect of improving team output.

Automate repetitive, routine tasks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have both come a very long way in the last few years, and you might be surprised just how much of your day-to-day operations you could move to automation. In particular, many routine office tasks such as payroll, project management, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) duties could be done more effectively by machines. In fact, recent research found around 60% of the tasks performed in most jobs could be carried out quicker and more effectively through automation.

Schedule a daily, 10-minute, start-of-day meeting

You can’t possibly expect to get the best from your staff if they don’t know what’s expected of them. Holding a daily 10-minute briefing with your team will allow them to understand the bigger picture and learn exactly what they need to do, what stage projects are at, and what you hope to achieve that day.

Through the recent Coronavirus and the enforced home-working caused by lockdowns, companies increasingly moved to arrange daily, start-of-day video meetings to help staff feel more involved and in the loop – a practice that helped maintain overall productivity. It was also found that holding a short meeting at the start of each day builds team spirit, a sense of collectiveness, and group morale.

Forget trying to multitask

The idea that multitaskers are more efficient is a myth. Indeed, there is considerable evidence that suggests that, even if you’re able to do more than one thing at once, you’re likely doing so less effectively. Instead of trying to split your attention across multiple tasks, try splitting jobs by priority and concentrate on them one at a time – in effect, single-tasking.

Prioritize tasks by urgency – write a list and stick to it

At the start of any given day, you’ll have a set of goals you want to achieve. Rather than taking a haphazard approach and attacking them gung-ho, take a second to write down and organize the tasks into a prioritized list. Having a list to work to through the day helps focus the mind – particularly if you get distracted by another new supposed ‘priority’ (as you almost inevitably will).

Use project management/task management software

Modern software allows teams to collaborate more effectively by placing files in a central repository that can be accessed by any team member, anywhere they can find an internet connection. Moreover, logging software can now record and note changes so all team members can be kept aware of updates and alterations. The best project management platforms also now include video and voice conferencing, text messaging, task lists, and milestone markers to show staff exactly where they are in a project and what they need to do to reach the final sign-off.

Learn to delegate

One of the most common problems faced by business owners and bosses is learning to accept that they don’t need to do everything themselves. Most firms start small – perhaps with one or two directors in the early stages – so there’s a temptation to believe that you or your partner are automatically the best-qualified and most experienced to perform every task your company needs to operate. This often leads to owners and bosses getting bogged down in the minutiae of running a firm rather than taking a macro view of the business and helping guide it to future successes.

It’s important to remember why you hired your staff and assign them tasks best suited to their skills. This will allow you to have more time steering the company’s direction rather than working for it.

Realize your company’s limitations and know when to stop

Efficiency is the aim of all firms, but that doesn’t mean you should let the goal of improving productivity overshadow everything else you do. Like so many other aspects of life, the key is to find balance – to attain the sweet spot between working with the greatest efficiency and providing the best goods or services possible.

How to Buy Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

The choice to buy asphalt equipment is an investment, especially for sealcoating. The right equipment can launch a business and help it grow quickly. However, the wrong choices can hurt your budding sealcoating business.

Determining Asphalt Sealcoating Needs

The first step before you buy asphalt sealcoating equipment is figuring out what your business needs. If you are already doing asphalt sealcoating, you have hard figures from your jobs you can use to make the decisions. If not, then you should seek expert advice.

First, it’s essential to examine the volume of jobs you expect over the course of the usable asphalt sealcoating season. That determines how efficient you will need to be with your crew(s) and equipment. It also helps you determine the amount of money you can invest.

Equipment is often a balancing act, and each piece cannot be at more than one place at a time. If you’re running your asphalt sealcoating business with crews, then each team needs the necessary equipment on site. Otherwise, you’re wasting labor hours.

For example, you could invest in a single large spray system or several smaller ones. The large system is faster, but you could only work one job at a time. Meanwhile, the smaller systems are not as efficient, but you can operate multiple job sites efficiently.

For established businesses, this is a tricky balance. If your business is brand new, you likely only have one crew and a limited number of jobs. In that case, your choice will focus on how much of the process you want machines for and how that affects your productivity.

Whether you are running a new or established asphalt sealcoating business, you should also consider your services. Additions like line striping, crack filling, and pothole repairs all support your sealcoating services. However, each requires unique asphalt equipment that you would buy.

Finding a Reliable Asphalt Equipment Supplier

The next step in buying is finding a reliable supplier for your asphalt equipment. There are many options available to you, but not all of them are committed to providing you quality equipment and support. It’s essential to find a company that stands behind what they sell.

If you do not have a supplier, finding a reliable company can be a challenge. You will see all kinds of promises. The quickest way to determine the genuine suppliers from the fakes is by interacting with the customer care team. A team that knows what they’re talking about without upselling is a great indicator.

You can also ask for recommendations on where to buy asphalt equipment from within the maintenance community. Most business owners are friendly and more than willing to help a new company. You could also find a mentor, which helps with more than finding asphalt equipment.

You also need to examine the brands an asphalt equipment supplier carries. The internet makes it easy to find complaints regarding specific pieces of equipment and manufacturers. If you find a brand with a bad reputation in a store, that may tell you the supplier is not focused on quality.

How to Buy from Available Asphalt Equipment

Physical stores are a viable option to buy asphalt equipment. A physical store lets you personally inspect the equipment and deal with someone face to face. If that’s how your asphalt sealcoating business operates, this may be the most comfortable option.

There are also many online options for you to choose from. These tend to offer a more comprehensive selection of asphalt equipment to buy and unique shopping experiences. However, online shopping tends to rely more on your research and understanding of the asphalt sealcoating industry.

With either option, it’s vital to ensure you have all the relevant instructions to operate the machinery safely. There may also be warranty options you need to sort out before accepting the new asphalt equipment into your business.

Are you searching for an asphalt sealcoating equipment partner? Asphalt Kingdom carries the best equipment brands backed by an expert customer service team.

How qualitative research differs from quantitative research?

As a business leader, you always think of ways to make your business reach out to the target audience more effectively. Once you reach your intended audience and they start using your services and products on a regular basis, you create a loyal base of audience for your brand. However, with changing market dynamics and intense competition, it is difficult to retain customer loyalty. In such case, think one-step beyond, use quantitative and qualitative market research to understand your target audience’s persona and retain their loyalty for life!

In this article, we will have a look at how both these research terms vary from one another and how you can use them for to improve your business processes and establish a firm foothold in the market.

Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research is a type of market research that is conducted using observation or unstructured questioning. This is done to a gain a better and deeper insight into consumers’ pending habits, understand the motivations behind this habit, what they perceive about your brand, etc.

Methods of Conducting Qualitative Research

A qualitative research can be conducted in various ways, some of which are listed below:

Individual Interviews:

Individual interviews are conducted with a person via a telephone, Internet, or face-to-face. In this type, you have to first create a set of questions that you are going to ask your target audience about what motivates them to use a product of a particular brand or switch brands.

Focus Groups Interviews:  

In case of focus group interviews, you ask questions to a group of individuals on a one-on-one basis. It is the best way to obtain information about the target audience’s buying persona. You can conduct this type of interview in an environment where customers could feel comfortable and express their feelings clearly about a product/service without hesitation. Communicating with online focus groups via various video meeting channels is another cost-effective way to reach out to your target audience.


In this type of qualitative research, you understand the target customer’s behavior by studying the way they look or handle a product. Observation study can take place in a retail store or a shopping mall.

To get the best possible result out of your qualitative research, it would always be worthwhile to combine the above methods. It will help you gain a real sense of how the target audience perceives your products.

How to analyze the Qualitative Research Data

Since the data you obtained through methods is an unstructured, you can draw a general conclusion from such data. In order to get concrete results, you need to summarize the key points highlighted by customers. For instance, check how many people said they felt the fragrance of the deodorant lasted for a day. Another way is to code the responses such as – how often do they wear sunscreen? Do they wear it daily? Then how many times, etc.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research focusses on numerical data rather than the textual data, wherein you ask quantifiable questions to your customers/clients, employees, vendors, etc. You can use their responses to increase consumer satisfaction rate, improve your offerings and business revenue.


  1. Surveys:

Surveys can be conducted online or offline and you get quick responses that are measurable and objective.

  1. Tracking:

You can deploy tracking methods to track and observe the behavior of their target audience online. It’s a method to let the server know your customers’ surfing habits (based on the websites they visit frequently).

  1. Structured interviews:

This involves a set of pre-planned questions, wherein the participant has to answer the questions descriptively. The data gathered from this method can be converted into responses like percentages or a numeric value.

Analyzing Quantitative Research

After collecting quantitative research from various sources, you need to assemble the scattered information and turn it into the data to understand how different sections have responded.

A business that is desirous of improving their products/services, enhancing market reach and gain loyal customers can greatly benefit from a market research company. If you are looking for a professional analyst company that can help you with qualitative and quantitative market research, reach out to us at The Analyst Agency. With years of experience in catering solutions to various firs worldwide, we are your perfect partner that can help you to kick-start your marketing goals.

Understand the Need for a Skilled Lawyer after the Car Accident

These days, car accidents have become quite common on roads worldwide. Now, after getting involved in car accident many people think there is no need to hire a lawyer at all as the legal matter and repairing of the damaged car can be taken care of by themselves and their family. They can easily negotiate with the injured party for the claim and insurance company will do the needful to service their non functioning car. The injured person feels that they can directly deal with the person responsible for the accident or complain to the police.

The truth is that it isn’t easier as the whole scenario seems as there will be many legal issues to be dealt rightly. Only an expert personal injury attorney or car accident lawyer can help you to sort out all the issues. In Houston, you have lawyers skilled in presenting your legal claim without troubling their client. Highly rated Houston car accident lawyer like Sutliff & Stout always strive to keep their clients happy by recovering their claim with ease.

Here are more reasons why you need to hire expertise accident lawyer:

  • The insurance company firm won’t willingly pay fully for your damaged vehicle.
    • They will try to put up all conditions that may result in them paying negligible amount against your claims. You need a legal expert to deal with them ready to point out all the legalities and to state your claim is legally right.
  • You are seriously injured and need medical bills to be settled by the wrong doer party. A lawyer is the right person for you to negotiate with the person to pay your compensation amount.
  • Sometimes there is need to claim your medical insurance.
    • If you are responsible for the accident, there is a possibility that the insurance firm will hesitate to pay your medical expenses or pay less. Only a lawyer can assist in explaining them that your claim is legal, thus the firm is liable to pay all the medical bills.
  • They are experts, who can help you claim the right compensation amount.
    • The lawyers like Sutliff & Stout law firm calculate all the damage cost of your vehicle (if involved in the accident), your medical expenses, lost wages as you were recovering from injuries and thus to take leave from work and for other losses as you were on bed rest.

Sometimes you become helpless as you may have lost your earning ability because of your traumatic injury, spine injury or other grave injuries that may result in limiting your mobility. You may face even emotional stress as well because your future is at stake because of some other person’s fault.

    • Sometimes people die in the crash, thus in such situations only an attorney can help the person’s dear ones to get the entitled compensation.
  • To deal with the complaint registered against you in the police station.
    • It will be more favorable when you have your lawyer assisting while answering the queries of the police. Sometimes you may not be guilty, thus there is a need to collect evidence and seek witness to prove your innocence. In such difficult situations, lawyers are great supporters.
    • Unfortunately, if you are guilty, the lawyers will review the case in detail, and they will negotiate the settlement to be done with the injured party and fight for you to minimize the claim money and sometimes even helps you to be stated as not guilty for the mishap.

It is always helpful to hire the services of expert accident attorney ready to do the needful and agree for contingent fee. If you live in Houston or nearby, you just need to contact Sutliff & Stout lawyer firm if you are involved in a car accident.

Why should you invest in your eCommerce business?

Online shopping changing landscape

Online shopping and eCommerce business has changed drastically over the last two decades. The recent technology boost that brought so many easy website builders and API integrations encouraged people to use the internet to sell their products and services.

More and more new eCommerce solutions started to be available for small and medium businesses to make their online presence.

For instance, WPEngine released their innovative eCommerce solution, where you can setup up your store within minutes and start selling online.

What even better-accelerated eCommerce business was recent lockdowns and closures happening on the global scale due to COVID-19 outbreaks. It is said to say but indeed the pandemic caused many merchants to rise for the challenge and shift to online selling. Also, more customers started looking for online stores as they cannot leave the house due to restrictions.

Build your credibility

Having a beautifully designed eCommerce shop can earn your business more credibility. If you sell a product, building your online presence is a must.

Physical shops that don’t have an eCommerce shop don’t get customer trust these days. A new normal is that if people look for a product they usually check if the company has a website where they can directly purchase it.

Another advantage of the online store is that products can be displayed with photos, videos, details and descriptions. A physical store cannot offer that.

Earn money 24/7

I think the biggest advantage of the online shop is that it works 24/7. If you sell physical products in your country the 24/7 rule applies only to sales during the day, but nobody stops a customer to buy your product a night, right?

However, if you sell online services or products and you are not limited to your country location nothing stops you from earning revenue 24/7. After all, the sales may come from any corner of the world and at any time.

Write about your products – eCommerce business blog

Due to a big competition these days, online businesses have to adapt to the new eCommerce landscape and find new ways to attract customers.

One of the best ways to increase your product sales is to write about them. Often merchants have a blog page on their menu on the eCommerce store website. They constantly write about their products new releases and updates as well as provide extensive user cases from their customers that are supported with positive testimonials.

What I noticed during my blogging is that many bloggers go another way around. They start a new blog with good content and after they established a good online presence they add an eCommerce store to the existing website.

This is even better as they already have good web traffic so the moment they start a new online store they start selling instantly.

Remember that online business is a live organism where you have to adapt to the incoming changes quickly. Otherwise, your blog or store will sink in the depth of other low performing websites.

Minimise cost

While setting up an eCommerce store is not free and you have to pay from $20 to $50 per month, it is a fraction of what you pay if you had to hire a few employees to manage your store. Most of the work of setting up your online store is only in the beginning.

Later on, you only add or update products and maintain your website with the latest service upgrades to keep everything up to date.

What are the steps of setting up a new online store?

Different eCommerce solutions may have different setups but if yours is based on WordPress like WPEngine the whole process is guided with easy to install initial package and further instructions.

So, let’s see what steps are involved in setting up your store.

  • Lunch eCommerce solution package – with the initial installation you get demo pages and products
  • Update Page Content – making your Home, About and Contact pages look professional, appealing and free of any grammatical errors is a must for you to succeed
  • Update Widgets – widgets are small blocks normally place in the sidebar of a footer
  • Update Menu – add any additional pages if you want – this is where you can add your Blog page
  • Customise Branding – make sure the colours and look and feel adhere to your company standards so your customers can recognise them easily
  • Update Store Settings – update store details, tax, payment and shipping options
  • Add Your Products – you can use demo products as a template or create a completely new template if you want
  • Do The Final Check – make sure everything is set correctly and go live and start selling

Should you invest in an eCommerce Solution

I think the simple answer is Yes. If you are serious about your business and you want to grow, definitely consider investing in an eCommerce business.

These days more people purchase online and this trend will only increase over years. Having an online store will give your business more credibility and you can make more sales 24/7.

Also, by having all your customers and sales data online you can analyse and adapt to the needs of your customers.