Let’s call it a little intro :)

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There are many things that can be said in a personal introduction, I mean we’ve all written some sort of “about me” paragraph or two on social media. And I can tell you my story, my interests, favourite movie or a pet’s name, but that’s what conversations are for, right?

So I would say there is just one important thing to know about me before getting to know me:
Although I tend to be sarcastic, cynical at times, and in general I am a fairly private person I might seem too serious and maybe not even friendly; for instance, for the longest time I had a nickname Ms. Darcy  (what’s up English 12)
But, just so you know, I am actually a softie, I love cuddles and cartoons I own a huge raccoon plush and if I know you’re sick I’ll snuggle you up in a blanket and make you some tea with honey and bring you cookies. Honestly though, Russians can be adorable too, remember that :3

Kind regards,